4 Ways to Maximize your Milestones!

Have you just returned from a fam trip and been awarded another specialist certification?

Has your hotel just earned another award?

Will your attraction be featured on a new Top 10 list?

As a tour operator, have you just booked your 10,000th client?

Here’s your chance to make your business milestones work hard for you!  Facebook offers a fabulous tool to showcase your company achievements and boost your credibility…for FREE!  Beats taking out an ad!

Milestones are similar to highlighted (starred) posts    and will enable you to show off a bit, without being a show-off.  When you add a Milestone you’ll be defining a recent event or story so that your fans will better understand your business.  Remember people do business with those they know and like.  This gives your clients and potential clients a chance to know you and like you better.

Here’s how it works:

First.  Log-in as your business page.

Second.   Hover over the share box and click on Events and Milestones

Now you’re ready to create your Milestone

Third.  Complete the info in all the drop down boxes.  See below.

Fourth. Upload photos either from your Facebook Photo albums (Choose from Photos) or from your hard drive (Upload Photos).   Tip: Add photos that tell the story of your Milestone.  Multiple photos are great as they will appear as a film strip beneath your main photo.

Fifth. Complete the story box.  Remember it expands so that you can include as much info as you feel is relevant to your audience.

Sixth.  Remember to click SAVE!  Your Milestone will become a part of your Timeline and stay in chronological order

Here’s how it looks. 

Bonus TipYou can Pin    or  Highlight  your Milestone so that it shows up more prominently.

Hint:  You may want to crop your photos in advance of uploading them if you want to Highlight your Milestone.  This will eliminate heads being cut off!  Also, remember to upload as many photos as you have because you’ll have space for 7 photos when you Highlight.

Travel & Tourism pros, here’s how to use this.

Travel Consultants:

Fam trip: Showcase your new expertise with photos

New Destination Specialist Award: Add a photo of your certificate along with destination photos


Renovation: Show off your newly renovated rooms, restaurant or lobby.

New Menu: Take photos of your new menu as well as the chef preparing the food

New event décor: Include photos of new tablescapes, new trade show set-up, wedding décor

Anniversaries: Create a milestone for the anniversary of your opening


New events or shows: Upload photos of guests enjoying the new features of your attraction

Restaurants: Show off your newest restaurant or food outlets.  Include room and food photos.

Tour Operator:

New travellers: Take a photo of your 10,000th client along with them enjoying the trip they’ve booked with you.

New Staff: Upload photos of your team, tour directors, reservations team, etc.

New Destination: Include photos of destinations you’re just beginning to offer along with your ground handling team, hotels, attractions.  Make this a virtual tour of your newest destination.

Anniversaries: Have you been in business for 10 years?  Create a Milestone!


New Staff: Include photos of your staff in their offices, res staff at their desks.  This will put a personalized face out there for your members.

Events and meetings: Upload your candid shots and event highlights.  Then Highlight the Milestone for even more exposure.

Member awards: Include photos of awards you give to your members.  Include a photo of the award and of the person.

Monthly new members: How about including photos of the members that have joined over the past month.  Tag them in the photos and bring even more exposure.

What other ideas do you have for using this powerful new tool to engage your fans?

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