4 Ways to use a Video Blog

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how valuable is video?  Think about how popular You-Tube has become.  Wouldn’t you love to have that impact on your clients?

Think how thrilled your clients will be to see you in the destination you’re blogging

about.  Think CREDIBILITY!  Think VIDEO!  Have you considered these techniques:

Video Blog

Video Blog

  1. imbed it into your blog post and add text to supplement your recording
  2. create it as a stand-alone video and post it on your You-Tube channel
  3. embed your video into an e-mail using eyejot or vimeo
  4. provide a link to your video in your next e-mail blast

Tip:  test out your smart phone for video quality.  I would suggest making sure it’s HD.  If you would like a top of the line (and affordable) HD video camera, check out the Mino Flip.  I love how easy it is to use—1 button!

When creating your video keep in mind that 2-4 minutes is the preferred length.  If you need more time, simply create a series of short, snappy videos.

When you begin to explore using these technologies you’ll find exciting ways to differentiate your business and appeal to a wider audience.  Your expertise and enthusiasm will attract clients, news media and the attention of your preferred suppliers and partners.

What video success stories do you have to tell?

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