4 Ways to Use Facebook to Kindle Blog Readership

Facebook and the travel, tourism and hospitality industry are perfect marketing partners!  Facebook and your blog posts can be best friends when you leverage your writing efforts to maximize your social reach.

Here are 4 tips to ensure your Facebook page warrants ‘best friend’ status.

Facebook: Is your Facebook page populated with great posts?  (if not, here’s a solution for you)

If you’ve answered yes, are you marketing your blog on your page?

Here are some tools for you:

Networked Blogs

Networked Blogs

  1. Use the app “Networked Blogs” so that your blog rolls automatically to your Facebook page.  You can also select and upload other blogs that are relevant to your audience.  All these blog posts will give your fans a wealth of information.
  2. Don’t forget to post your latest blog on your wall.  Remember your wall posts will be spread to all your fans and their friends will see it as well.
  3. Use the Links or Discussions tab to announce your blog.  This will feature it more permanently than merely posting it on your wall.  (please be aware that these tabs will disappear shortly from Facebook).  In place of these tabs  you may want to check out Involver Applications and use the Scribd feature.  This will give you a sustainable section on your Facebook page to post information you’d like available to your fans on a more permanent basis than your wall.
  4. Use a poll application to learn what topics your clients would love to read about and what destinations they’d love to visit.  Check out these Facebook applications:  Polls, Poll Daddy.  The Question category in your pages’ Share box is another fabulous tool to learn more about your clients travel wish list.

How have you used Facebook to promote your blog?

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