5 Advanced Tips to Earn Video Subscribers

5 advanced tips to earn video subscribers

What’s the secret sauce that video marketing gurus use to attract viewers and grow their video subscribers?

Why do some videos appear everywhere you look?

How can the rest of us earn more You-Tube subscribers and viewers?

If your You-Tube videos are getting a few views, but not reaching the number of people you’d like here’s some insider tips to help you get in front of your potential clients.

Let’s start by focusing on some insider secrets to promote your channel while earning more subscribers and more eyeballs on your existing videos.

Tune in for 3 tips and then see below for the how-to’s you can use on your own channel.

Video Title & Description Secrets

Creating a catchy, key-word rich video title is key to attracting viewers. If you struggle with a title, try searching title of other You-Tube videos as well as doing a Google search for blogs covering your topic.  This will give you a sample of titles that have earned top results in a search.

In the description box, consider using the same style of writing that you would use when creating a social post.  This will reflect your tone and style.  Don’t forget to include a call to action and the benefits viewers will see when viewing your video.

Think 'catchy' when composing your video title and description.

Figure 1 – Think ‘catchy’ when composing your video title and description.

Video Thumbnail

Do you want to control the video image that’s pulled into a social post and shows up on your video channel?  Choosing or creating a custom thumbnail ensures that you’re looking your best.  You can simply choose a video frame.

Take your thumbnail to the next level by creating a custom thumbnail using a graphics tool like Canva or PicMonkey.  I create my thumbnails in Canva and add the video title and my photo to each new thumbnail.  Some video gurus use the same thumbnail for a consistent style to all their videos.

Tech Tip:  Size Matters!  Create your thumbnail to be 1280 x 720 pixels so that the size matches the size of You-Tube videos.

Video Playlists

If you have a collection of videos showcasing different destinations or styles of travel, playlists can help your content get discovered more quickly.  For example, if you have several videos about cruising, a playlist will help people explore a variety of your cruising videos.

You can create new playlists easily by clicking the “New Playlist” button.  In addition, you can go back into previously uploaded videos, click “Edit Video” and add the existing video to a Playlist.

Playlists help your content get discovered more quickly.

Figure 2 – Playlists help your content get discovered more quickly.

Video Tags

While tags don’t add much value in a search, consider adding them if your content may be commonly misspelled.  Think about how many people may misspell ‘Caribbean’ or off the beaten path destinations.

Tech Tip for videos

Tech Tip—you can skip this step:    this is a low priority item.

Video Subtitles/Captions

Do you find yourself watching video while in a meeting or on a zoom call? (I know it’s sneaky, but it happens!)  or perhaps you’ve misplaced your ear buds and you simply want to read the captions.

Adding captions (also called subtitles) is a valuable way to engage viewers who simply want to read and don’t want to listen…or are on a zoom call.

Subtitles will be automatically generated.  You can easily edit the subtitles/captions by deleting and re-typing words.

Choose to add subtitle by one of two buttons

Figure 3 – Choose to add subtitle by one of two buttons

Tech Tip—Review for errors:  Be sure to review and check the subtitles for spelling and other errors.

Captions will be automatically generated.

Figure 4 – Captions will be automatically generated.

End Screen = Video Subscribers

End screens or end cards help you retain viewers, increase watch times and inspire people to subscribe to your channel.  It’s simply an overlay at the end of your video that you can create directly within You Tube or using a tool like Canva.

You can add these elements to an end screen; video, play list, subscribe button.  Customizing the layout and design helps your video branding stand out.  Here’s a quick tutorial.

Create a custom End Screen to retain viewers

Figure 5 – Create a custom End Screen to retain viewers

Tech Tip–Timing:  Adjust the timing of the end screen on your video.  Having some blank space or a contact slide at the end of your video will allow you to time the appearance of your end screen after you’ve stopped talking.

Timing of video

Marketing Your Videos

One of the best video marketing strategies is to socially post your videos as well as embed them into your blog and website.  You’ll see an example of this right here in this post.  (the You-Tube video is embedded above).

In addition, create a social post on all of your favorite social sites and include a link to your blog with the embedded video.

Tech Tip — Facebook vs You Tube:   When creating social posts, especially on Facebook, please don’t include a You-Tube link as Facebook will downgrade that post and not show it to as many people.  To increase video viewership on Facebook, post video directly from your hard drive or phone.  This ‘native video’ post will meet the Facebook algorithm criteria and most likely will be shown to more people.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that video is a super-powerful way to get in front of your potential clients.

You-Tube is the 2nd largest search engine, so using it to the fullest will help you get found more easily and increase your search ranking.

Jump on board with these tech tips today.   Don’t get lost in the video vortex!

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