5 Automation Tools that Build Client Trust & Save Time

5 Automation Tools that build client trust and save time

The other day I was speaking with a Travel Advisor and she was remarking how insanely busy she has been.  Apparently, her schedule is even more full now than it was prior to the pandemic!

Great news!?

Now that all the pent-up travel demand is rushing at us many are working harder and managing much larger workloads than usual.

Here are a couple marketing strategies that you can use to help lighten the workload during these hectic times!

Repurposing Rewards

Recycle!  Upcycle!  Refresh!  Whatever you want to call it, you’ll save time!

Extend the shelf life of videos, blogs and social content!  Easily!  Here’s how savvy travel pros are saving time and creating more content than ever imaginable.  Tune in for 3 real-life examples!

Accelerate Automation

While none of us can imagine hand writing airline tickets anymore (been there, done that), there are so many other marketing tasks that can be better handled by technology.

1.  Live On-line Chat

For example, how many times have you personally used a live chat feature this week? The other day I was trying to figure out a new video tool and tapped into the power of a live chat to answer my questions.  Why not create one for your website and social sites?  Think of the time it will save.

2.  Chat Bot

Even if you simply want to be able to direct your web visitors to the right section of your website an automated chat bot can free up the time a staff person may have spent on that task.  In addition to your website, chat bots can also be incorporated into your Facebook business page.

3.  Email Sequence

Geek-out and automate an email sequence so that you stay top of mind with your clients and prospects.  For example, perhaps you have a lead magnet in place to add prospects into your email list.  How many follow up letters have you created?  Are they linked to actions that readers have taken in previous follow-ups?  Technology makes this super-easy.  Here’s some tools to consider:  Convert Kit, Mailer Lite, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp.

4.  Facebook Pixel

Over the years, Facebook has provided marketers and advertisers with the tools to reach back out to active, engaged fans.  Stay top of mind with your clients by making full use of the Facebook pixel.

But what does that mean?  Creating ad audiences based on the data collected from your Facebook pixel is key to a successful ad campaign.

5. Ad Targeting

Optimize your ad reach by targeting people who have interacted in some way with your business pages on both Facebook and Instagram.  For example, if your weekly theme is a destination, create an audience of people who have watched past videos of this destination while on your page.  This is key to re-engaging people (automatically) who already expressed an interest.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that travel is a highly personalized, relationship-based industry.  We want to be able to use technology to save time on routine tasks so that we can devote more time to getting to know our clients and finding unique ways to serve them.  This is the beauty of automation and technology!

Think of it this way, automation saves time and gives us the freedom to devote ourselves to building our business thru stronger relationships.

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