5 Blog Tips for Non-Writers

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We’ve all heard that “Content is King” so doesn’t that make blogging the ‘Ruler of the World of Marketing’?

Blogging is a powerful tool to provide valuable resources to your clients so that they see you as THE resource they need when booking their next trip.  Yet, so many travel pros ask me where to find the time and the ideas for their blog. Plus many people feel they’re not good writers. Here are some of my top secrets to great content, even if you don’t like to write:

#1 – Client questions?

question mark buttonBring ‘em on.   I’ll bet your clients ask a ton of questions, right?  Those questions are fuel for your next blog post.  As you begin writing your blog look back thru e-mailed questions from your clients and create a couple of paragraphs with your answer and a story or example to support your answer.

Marketing tip:  Create a social post or tweet about each of these Q&A blog posts with a link back to the original blog post.

#2 – Product launches.

tablet world fingersYour supplier events and webinars are filled with critical new information that can be turned into a blog post.  New cruise destination, new resort, new ship?  All perfect material for your blog.

Marketing tip:  Gather photos from your suppliers and include them in your blog.

#3 – Interviews. 

hand holding microphoneConsider the product launch we just talked about and elevate it to the next level by taking a couple of minutes to do a video interview with your BDM about the latest and greatest information.  Embed this video into your blog.

Marketing tip:  Add this video to your You-Tube channel and the Video tab on your Facebook page.  Next tweet the video and then add it to your Google+ site.

Advanced tip:  If you create a Vine (a 6 second micro-video) it will play directly within your followers’ Twitter stream.  No links required to another platform. This means it’s easier for time-starved Twitter followers to engage with your video.  Read more here.

#4 – Photos.

Collection of photos with an empty photoHow many photos are languishing on your hard drive?  Picture this; a photo blog that showcases your top photos.  Choose a destination, ship or resort and show it to your clients in a photo blog tour.  This is great for people who think they don’t like to write.

Marketing tip:  Add these same photos to your Pinterest site and link back to your blog post.

Advanced tip:  use these still photos and create a video using Animoto, Flip-a-Gram or You-Tube.  Here’s how to create an Animoto.

#5 – Google Hangout.

google plusSet up a Google Hangout, invite your top clients and record the Hangout.  Tap into this video format with a short, easy presentation about a top selling destination, ship or resort, answer some client questions and wahhh…laaa… you have a video to embed into your blog.

Marketing tip: Embed the Hangout into your website.  If you’re looking to boost your email list, protect this video behind an email collection page.  That’s right, provide this content only when someone provides their email address.

#6-25More secrets to blog content creation here.

If you don’t have a blog yet, here are some simple foundations to get you started.

By taking the time to create unique content like this you’ll enthrall your fans, position yourself as a top-notch professional and boost your SEO.

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.” Seth Godin.

 Which of these tactics will you do this week?

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