5 Facebook Queries to Understand YOUR Audience Better

5 Facebook queries to understand

Did you know that Facebook has a free way for you to better understand your fans and your competition?

Facebook Queries

Facebook queries are an easy way to dive a bit deeper than Page Insights and understand the interests of and pages liked by your fans.  This cool research will help you when planning your marketing campaigns, key words and advertising.  The best part is that it’s free and easy to access.

Learn more in this short slide show.

These hidden gems and tools will give you the understanding to put out relevant content that meets the needs of your unique audience.

Travel pros>how about using this to better understand the general audiences of your top suppliers and then pull together posts and unique content to meet those needs.  For example, if you find that your top suppliers’ fans love yoga and you want to sell more of this top supplier, how about putting together a yoga package using the supplier.  Then market this thru paid and organic posts.

Destinations and suppliers> using this tool you’ll be able to develop events, specials and marketing campaigns that suit your unique audience.  You may find that you have an unusually high number of foodies in your fan base, this may be an opportunity to market your culinary experiences more frequently on Facebook.  Composing posts and uploading food photos, recipes and chef interviews can elevate your relevance.

With these research secrets how will you capitalize on your new knowledge?

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By Catherine Heeg

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