5 Key Blog Marketing Tactics + Infographic

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So you’ve spent your valuable time blogging about your latest fam trip, the newest addition to your attraction or destination or adding a new video blog to your archives, now what?How do you get more eyeballs to see your posts?

As travel pros, we have exciting topics and a never-ending supply of possible content.  Marketing it is essential!

Here are 4 ways to maximize your marketing.

Tip #1 – Newsletter

Announce your newest blog post in your e-newsletter, print newsletter or thru an e-mail blast.  Bonus tip:  make sure you check that the link opens in a new window.

Tip #2 – Facebook

How about adding your blog to your Facebook page?  Check out Networked Blogs for a free and easy way to automatically post your blog to your Facebook business page. Bonus tip:  remember to use a media calendar to plan out your weekly themes, then add links to your blog posts that focus on these themes.

Tip #3 – LinkedIn

Depending which blog platform you use, check out the applications in LinkedIn. Bonus tip:  Announce your newest blog posts in LinkedIn groups to which you belong.

Tip #4 – Twitter

Conversations on Twitter are real time and it’s an excellent way to spread the word about your newest blog post.  Join conversations, use # that refer to your blog topic and @mention specific followers who are a part of your blog.

Tip #5 – Pinterest

Don’t forget to include your blog posts links into Pinterest pins.  This is an incredible way to spread the word and engage new readers who have searched out a specific destination.  Try this:  Create a board of photos from a desination.  In each Pin description include info on the photo as well as a link to your blog post that highlights this destination.

Follow this blog for additional tips and tactics for travel pros.  In upcoming blog posts I’ll share more essential marketing tips for your blog.

Below are some essential tips to ensure your blogging success.  I found this infographic here.

Your Blog Post Promotion Checklist


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