5 Social Marketing Slip-Up’s to Avoid

5 social marketing slip ups to avoidDo you ever see people missing key pieces in their social presence?

As fast as social marketing changes it’s not a wonder that blunders, bloopers and slip-ups happen.

Here are a couple of common travel industry blunders to banish.

#1 –  Bad or No Photos

Blunder #1 – Missing out on the photo front on social networks. Did you know: Photos gain 104% more engagement on Facebook than other styles of posts.  Twitter engagement is 5 times higher when a photo is included.

The fix:  Not using photos in social posts is an easy slip-up to fix. Finding great photos is quick & affordable with this partial list of photo sources (see #5 in this article).  Photo sources here.

#2 – Video doesn’t matter

Blunder #2 – Denying video importance.  The popularity and extra reach and engagement you’ll get from video is unbelievable.  The remarkable feature of video is that it can be showcased on a variety of platforms.  While it may take a bit longer to produce, you can easily use your video on so many social platforms;

Consider the value of creating video on these platforms;

  • Blab
  • SnapChat
  • Periscope
  • Meerkat
  • Facebook Live

More video tactics here.  Don’t forget to embed video into your blog posts.

Periscope & Meerkat info and marketing strategies.

The fix:  Incorporate video in as many ways as you can.  Creating your own video from still images is simple with Flip A Gram and Animoto.  Get creative with all those photos from your fam trips & ship site inspections.

#3 – Social Ads Aren’t Worth my Time & Money

Blunder #3 – Advertising using Boost Post only.  While Boost Post is easy, it may not be your best solution for reaching your perfect audience at the time they’re scrolling thru their timeline.

The fix:  Setting up an ad in Power Editor or Ads Manager may take a bit more time, but it’s so worth your effort.  You’ll reach a more targeted audience who’s really interested in your offering.

More about ads here.

Check out other easy fixes in the video.

#4 – I HAVE to be on EVERY Social Platform

Blunder #4 – Trying to incorporate each and every new social platform into your marketing plan.

  The fix:  See the video….

#5 – Creating video is too complicated

Blunder #5 – video is too techy and takes way too much time.

The fix:  see the video

These slips-up’s are so easy to avoid and the payoff is phenomenal.  Don’t miss out on social engagement and reach by making these blunders.  Take your marketing to the next level with the easy fixes mentioned above.

Which FIX will you use first?

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