5 Strategies to Build and Nurture Your Twitter Account

95 million Tweets are sent each day! Tweets are small bursts of communication using only 140 characters.   With the number of Twitter users rising each year, and the age group being of a demographic with an interest in travel, this is amazing news for the tourism and hospitality industry. If we can connect and engage followers on Twitter, business will grow.

  1. Choose your name carefully.   Choose a name that reflects your business, service or destinations that you serve.  Add your logo or photo so that followers are certain they’ve connected with the correct business.  Complete all the information in your profile in order to show people why they would like to follow you.
  2. Check what’s being said about you.  By typing in #your company name, you’ll be able to see all that has been written about you. By using #your company name, followers will then have a way to find you or a topic. You may also want to research what is being said about your competition.  (# is called a hash-tag by Twitter devotees)
  3. Who to follow? You may want to follow DMO’s, suppliers, travel writers or others you’re interested in; follow people of interest to you, your company and your followers. As you grow your followers, check out who they follow.
  4. Understand your audience. Using a combination of scheduled and live tweets keeps followers engaged and encourages conversations. By scattering and interspersing tweets throughout the day, you will reach the maximum number of clients while providing a more natural form of communication. Consider putting together a tweet plan/media plan.
  5. Marketing. After you’ve engaged a number of followers, consider putting together a Twitter contest, or offer a coupon or “Twitter Special”. Encourage people to retweet so that your Twitter offer engages a larger audience. Start a # for your company and use in promoting contests and coupons.

This gives you the basics on Twitter.  Watch this blog for more information on using Twitter in our industry.

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