5 Tips to Powtoon Video Success

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100 Million. That’s the number of internet users who watch online video each day. (source: VideoBrewery)

Are you using online video as part of your marketing strategy? If not, you could be missing a HUGE opportunity!

Don’t let video intimidate you – with plenty of tools available online, it can be as simple as it can be free.

PowToon is a new video creation website designed specifically for businesses to explain and showcase their products and offerings, while having fun with their clients online.

It’s ease of use and watchable final products, called ‘presentoons’, make it a great starting point for bringing video on board.

How to Create a Powtoon:

Step 1: Sign up for free to begin creating your very own videos.


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Step 2: Select from a number of PowToon’s template presentoons, which are organized into categories such as: about us, explainer videos, promotional videos, and fun social clips. (Advanced option: start from scratch and create your very own PowToon from the ground up)

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Step 3: Once you have selected a template, you are able to edit each individual slide within the presentoon, including text, images, animations, noises, as well as the length of each slide.

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Each slide includes an “options” bar on the right hand side containing all the text and animation effects you can choose from. Scroll through each of the menus to find a visual you like, and insert it into your present slide. From there, you are able to edit the time it appears/exits the slide!

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Step 4: Save! Your changes can be saved to your PowToon account’s dashboard by simply clicking the “Save” option in the top left corner. Easy!

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Step 5: When your presentoon is complete, you have several marketing options:

  1. Share the link to the video presentoon on your social sites or in an e-blast
  2. Export it to YouTube to share from your channel.  From You-Tube you can add it to your Pinterest site.  Consider creating a separate board for all of your powtoons.  Also, include the powtoon in a related board for additional exposure.
  3. Embed it into a blog post

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Check out these PowToon presentoons I’ve recently created. So fun!

How to use Powtoon:

Travel Agents Consider creating an “about me,” or “introduction to services” presentoon for your clients to gain a better understanding of both your qualifications and personality. How about creating a Top 10 list of your favorite travel tips, packing tips or destination tips.

Tour Operators Create a “product showcase” for an exciting upcoming tour you are about to start booking. Give clients an animated taste of what is in store.  Consider developing a series of ‘presentoons’ for each of your top selling destinations focusing on a different aspect of the destination; food, activities, etc.

Destinations Think about making a “tips” presentoon to provide an informative, yet fun guide for clients who are planning on visiting soon. Mention any upcoming events in the area, or highlight fun tips for specific points of interest.

Many people think video marketing has to be time-consuming and difficult, but PowToon is proof that it can be lighthearted and fun!

Which format of presentoon do you plan on creating first for your social sites?


Written in cooperation with Ruby Murphy


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