5 Tools to Better Understand Your Social Analytics

5 tools to better understand your social analytics

Did the removal of Facebook Analytics from the platform catch you off guard?

Back in July 2021, in an effort to consolidate tools, Facebook made the (slightly unfortunate) decision to eliminate the Facebook Analytics tool from the platform.

The savviest marketers proactively saved the crucial information from the tool before it disappeared.  But, many of us found ourselves scrambling for some sort of a replacement.  For the large number of us who fit into the latter category, here are some great tools that can fill the gap left from the loss of Facebook Analytics.

Google Analytics

While this handy tool is disappearing in the Facebook eco-system, you’ll still be able to learn about your page usage in your own Google Analytics account. To get an overview of your web and social site usage, navigate to your own Google Analytics account that’s tied to your website.  Then check out the charts in the ‘Acquisition’ tab and also dive into the weeds in the ‘Social’ tab.  Explore the valuable data in Google Analytics with these tips.

In the video there are 2 suggestions (Amplitude & Mixpanel) for analytics tools to replace Facebook Analytics.  These tools offer both free and paid versions.

Other Social Analytics Options

Analyzing your data is valuable in order to understand what’s relevant to your unique audience.  Armed with this information you’ll be better able to post content that delivers the results you need.

Here’s 2 more options:

  1. Agorapulse – Stay organized, save time, and easily manage your social media with Agorapulse’s inbox, publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team collaboration tools. Fetailed Facebook analytics, and even apps for building competitions on Facebook.
  2. Social Bakers – provides a suite of social media management tools, one of which is an analytics module for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as Instagram and LinkedIn

Business Manager – Insights

Recently rolled out to replace Facebook Analytics is the Insights tool available in Business Manager.  The Overview tab showcases high-level information about content and audience.  Diving a bit deeper into each tab will uncover analytics for Facebook and Instagram paid and organic reach.

Business Manager – Ads Reporting

To access detailed reports about your ads, Business Manager still provides excellent information on metrics, performance, engagement and conversions.  Customizable reports are easy to set-up.

While Facebook Analytics has now disappeared, there are other ways to access the same information so that you can understand your fans better.  Get a leg up and plan for the tidal wave of business that’s looming large in our future.

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