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4 Billion! That’s the number of video views each day on YouTube.

Is your YouTube channel focused on marketing?

Key marketing opportunities are available within YouTube to help your viewers connect with you and for you to build your on-line presence. Here are 5 ways to shed some light on your site and embrace your inner marketing guru.

#1 – Your cover image

The image displayed at the top of your channel (Cover Image or Channel Art) is the perfect first impression. Does it reflect your niche market or specialty? Consider not only the graphic but also the words and think about adding your tag line to this image.

Creating an eye-catching image is easy with image editing tools like PicMonkey, Canva or similar. Construct your image to be 2560 x 1440 pixels. Max 2 mb.

Travel consultants: When creating your image consider your specialty and focus on a graphic that attracts and entices.

Destinations: Consider changing your channel art based on seasons, upcoming events or special destination promotions.

Channel Art examples:

Fig 1 - Create emotional

Fig 2 - Consider adding Fig 3 - Is this eye catching

Fig 4 - Great use of hash tag
Fig 5 - Creates a desire

#2 – Inset photo/logo

When deciding whether to upload your own photo or your logo, determine how your clients will recognize you and your business.

Are you a large firm with many employees? Then use your logo.

Are you an independent travel consultant? Consider using your photo or your logo.

When making this decision, keep in mind your own social branding and how you are represented on your other social sites. Consistency is key!

Here are the dimensions recommended by YouTube:
• Square images which render at 98 X 98 px
• We recommend uploading an 800 X 800 px image

#3 – Social Links

Including links to your other social sites is easy and essential.

When viewers see your other links it will boost your credibility and help them connect with you on your other sites.

To add your other social links hover over the top right corner of your Cover Image/Channel Art. (see Figure 6) You’ll see a pencil icon and select ‘Edit Links’

Fig 6 - Edit and add

Add the name and URL of your other social links. (See Figure 7) Continue clicking ‘Add’ until you’ve uploaded all your other sites. Remember to click ‘Done’ to save your hard work. Your added links will show as an inset on your cover image. (See Figure 8 below)

Fig 7 - add other social

Fig 8 - The final result


#4 – Your Channel Description

What gripping information do you need your viewers to know about you and your business?

The channel description allows you to showcase the benefits you offer your clients, your travel expertise and/or your company’s philosophy. The first few sentences are crucial as they appear more frequently across the platform.

Editing your Channel Description is easy. You’re already in the Edit box, so now click “Channel Description”.

Fig 9 - Add descriptive

Here’s what you need to know about the description: “Optimize your channel for placement in search, related channels, browse channels and the feed so you’ll engage current and potential subscribers across YouTube.”

#5 – Spread the Word

Skyrocket your exposure by ensuring that your YouTube channel link is available to your fans on your other social sites.

Facebook: Include your YouTube link in the About section of your business page. Also add it as an app to your business page. You can use WooBox to include it on the left side of your page in a dedicated app box. Here’s how to use this free app on your page.
LinkedIn: The Summary section is a great place to include your social links.
Pinterest: Upload your videos to Pinterest. In the Board Description and/or Pin Description Source box include the link to your channel. Here’s how to adjust the Source box.
Website: Are your social icons featured prominently on your website? Ensure they are ALL listed and that the links work correctly.
Google+: Highlight your channel in your description and Links sections. Elevate your presence by including YouTube on your page and profile. It will look like this:

Fig 10 - Include Youtube

Fig 11 - Ensure Youtube

Powerful and proactive marketing of your social links will help people find you as well as increase your visibility in organic search. The bottom line is that clients and potential clients will find you easily and see the benefits of working with you.

What a great way to boost your biz with a few easy clicks.

Over to you….Which of these tactics will you use next?

How many are you already using?

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