5 Ways to Boost Your Social Savvy in 29 minutes

5 Ways to Boost Your Social Savvy in 29 minutes

The travel industry moves almost as fast as a bullet train.  At least that’s how fast an inbox can fill up or a list of tasks can become nearly unmanageable.

For many travel & tourism pros, this means that marketing takes the back seat to putting out fires and working on what was left over from last week.  Whew!  Then all of a sudden you find yourself with a few minutes to spare and realize you need to do some marketing so that next quarter you’ll be busy too (a good kind of busy).

Hop on board the (metaphorical) scenic train for a brief reprieve and try some of these quick marketing strategies.

Quick Social Marketing Tactics

Perplexed by a project and need a break?  These quick tactics will boost your visibility and take you less than 30 minutes each.

  1. Create a photo album or Pinterest board with photos from your latest fam.
  2. Write your next blog post. Yep, it can be done in less than 30 minutes.  Start with great photos and…. here’s the rest of the story.  Speed up the process with these quick tips.
  3. Read up on social advertising tips. With organic reach plummeting and social ad options skyrocketing it’s time to get really, really good at social ads. Here’s a primer for you. Top-notch targeting is essential to reach travel clientele.  Ad targeting tips here.
    • Speaking of social ads, take a bit of time and elevate your ad audiences to reach more of the people you want. Targeting tips here.
  4. Turn your latest blog post into a Facebook Note. It’s as simple as copy and paste.
  5. Ditto for LinkedIn Articles. Copy and paste your latest blog post into an Article on LinkedIn and earn even more eyeballs for your hard work.


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Lead Generation & Blogging

Not sure if blogging is worth your time?  If you want to speed up your lead generation and stoke your SEO, tune into this video.

Each of these simple marketing tactics can be accomplished in those couple of spare minutes we all have each day. Consider tapping into these tactics the next time you have 29 minutes to spare (perfect tactics when we find ourselves waiting for appointments or commuting).

These tasks don’t take the place of a well thought out strategic marketing plan, yet can transform your editorial calendar into a well-executed document simply by taking advantage of those few extra minutes we all have in our day.

How will you tap into those few spare minutes in your day to turn the corner from frazzled to fruitful?

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