5 Ways to Easily Repurpose Your Photos

ways to easily repurpose your photos

Psssttt…how many photos do you have on your phone?



Are they just sitting there like a wasted opportunity?   Put them to work in your marketing!  HOW, you ask?

Slideshow from Still Images

Creating a slideshow from a collection of images is super-easy using these tools:

  1. your i-phone
  2. i-movie

Repurpose and Embed Images Into Your Blog

Want to save time when writing your next blog?  Here’s a game plan you can easily put to work for you as you create a photo blog

  1. Choose images that tell the story of a destination or travel experience.
  2. Write an opening paragraph for your blog
  3. Embed images so they follow the order of your story.
  4. Add a caption with each image
  5. Include any other text that helps tell the story
  6. Write a closing paragraph

Post Your Images Socially

Choose images that reflect your niche market or specialty and post them to your social sites.  Simply write a caption and add some # (hashtags) and post!  Super Simple repurposing!

When posting double check the image size and shape to make sure it’s suitable for your chosen platform.  If you do need to resize, check out tools like PicMonkey or Stencil.

Presentation Worthy Images

Do you have a webinar or consumer presentation coming up?  Be sure to use your best images when creating your PowerPoint.  Let the images tell the story of your upcoming group tour, a new destination or ship you’re promoting or even a new travel experience.

Jazz-up your presentation by using:

Virtual Background

Are you doing a Zoom meeting to introduce a new destination or upcoming group tour?  How about changing your Zoom virtual background to match the theme of your presentation?

Here’s how to change your background and repurpose your images:

  1. Click the down arrow next to the Video icon at the bottom of your screen
  2. Select Choose Virtual Background
Change your virtual background to match your presentation theme and repurpose

Figure 1 – Change your virtual background to match your presentation theme.

  1. Select from several pre-loaded images or upload your own. To upload your own image, click the + sign.
Choose a background or upload your own repurpose image

Figure 2 – Choose a background or upload your own image

Don’t miss out on the power of visuals to represent your brand and grow your business.

So many quick & easy ways to use your awesome photos!  Don’t let them just sit on your phone…make them work overtime for you.

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