6 Free Ways to Promote your Social Presence

6 free ways to promote

We’ve heard it all before; paid advertising online is powerful.  But that doesn’t mean we can leave behind our regulars posts!  By using easy strategies and social tools, you can grow your reach online to great heights—for FREE!

#1 – Call to Action Buttons

Call to Action buttons can be included in organic posts (non-paid) on Facebook.  The time spent creating them is a bit longer, yet the value of having a post that is unique is well worth the effort.  This type of post can be created in Ads Manager or Power Editor.  Here’s what it looks like:

Call to Action button - Fig 1

Call to action - fig 2 angled#2 – Video Marketing

Video is vital moving forward in the world of social marketing.  It’s estimated that by 2018 video will be 79% of consumer internet traffic.

Tip:  How about creating a video to showcase:

  • A recent fam
  • A recent cruise or ship inspection
  • Your niche market
  • The value of working with a travel professional
  • Upcoming events
  • Festivals
  • Your social presence and the benefits of joining you socially.

Creating video can be a lengthy process or else quite easy.  Here are some tips to easily produce short videos that can be uploaded to your hard drive, Facebook or other social platforms.  Check out these best practices as you get started.

Facebook has updated their algorithm to focus on videos that are posted from your hard drive right to your page.  This means that the video plays right in the timeline, no clicking to go to You-Tube or another platform.  Facebook is ranking video posts and ads more highly and social reach is skyrocketing. In talking with some travel professionals they find, like I do, that video reaches 5-6 times more fans than regular Facebook posts.

In addition to the usual spots to house your video (You Tube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram) Pinterest is another resource for sharing your videos.  How about creating a separate board for all of your videos.  Or consider weaving them into existing, related boards.  Here’s how they look on a board:

the play button - Fig 3

Tip:  when creating a video be certain to include your contact information in the video.  Simply add a couple of frames at the end with your company name, number and website.   Tools to edit video are plentiful and may even be right on your phone or video recorder.

#3 – Embed to your Blog

Embed posts & tweets into your blog and e-blasts to draw attention to your social platforms and encourage people to join you socially.  When you embed social posts and tweets not only will you be reminding people of your social presence you’ll be giving them the opportunity to interact with you directly from your blog.  That’s right, posts and tweets are fully functional when embedded.  People can like, comment and share the post right from your blog.  Cool!  Here’s how it looks:

Video Tips for Travel & Tourism ProsHappy Marketing Monday. Social tips for travel pros. Is shrinkage a problem in your world? No…I’m not going there. I mean is your social reach shrinking? #travelprofessionals are finding more success with video as Facebook changes the algorithm again. • Tip #1 – Create a quick HD video on your phone of your next hotel or ship site inspection, favorite in-destination event or hotel benefit.• Tip #2 –Download the video to your hard drive• Tip #3 – Edit and upload to Facebook• Tip #4 – watch your reach GROW!• Bonus! For this to work best you need to upload the video from your hard drive DIRECTLY to Facebook. It doesn’t work uploading a video from You-Tube or another resource.Travel pros are finding they can organically reach 5-6 times more people when posting a video. Here are a couple of video best practices: http://www.cmsspeaking.com/blog/3-focused-video-marketing-best-practices/ What will you record today?

Posted by Customized Management Solutions on Monday, April 13, 2015

#4 – Blog

While it may seem obvious, this tip is often forgotten.  Remember to add social sharing buttons at the bottom of each blog post.  These share buttons are a visual reminder for readers to share your blog via their social sites.  The other feature of these social share buttons is that some of them show the number of shares the blog post has received to various social platforms.  Here’s an example:

Share buttons - Fig 4

Some popular share buttons can be found here.  Your web designer can also be helpful in adding these features to your blog and know which widgets will work best.

Your blog is an underutilized promotional magnet.  Imagine embedding video and increasing the reach of one of the most popular content block-busters. When we think of video remember that includes slide shows produced using:

  • Flip a Gram
  • SmileBox
  • Slide Share
  • Screen Cast o Matic

Tip:  To embed posts, tweets or video into your blog, copy and paste the embed code when uploading your next blog post.  Usually the embed code needs to be added to the “Visual” view of a WordPress blog.  It will show up when you preview your new blog post.

#5  Create giveaways

Evergreen content like infographics, packing lists, Top 10 lists can be used to build your email contact list. Simply use the evergreen content as a give away in exchange for someone’s email address.  Squeeze the most value from this content by using it as part of a Twitter Lead Generation card.

Armed with a email list you can send an email to these newly attracted fans inviting them to join you socially.

In addition, this email list can be used to create Custom Audiences on Facebook and tailor paid ads to reach these fans.

#6 – Group Boards

Group Boards on Pinterest inspire followers to post and share.  The biggest value of a group board is the extended reach you’ll achieve when a follower posts and their followers see their newest pin.

Tip:   Imagine creating a Group board when you return from your next group tour.  Invite each traveller to post their photos on the Group Board.  What a great way to keep the excitement of the trip alive while inspiring others to join your future group tours.

How about creating a group board for each of your niche markets.  For example, if you focus on destination weddings, invite all of your brides and their families to join a group board.  Post thing useful to brides; invitation, flower, favor suggestions.  What a great way to provide added value and conversation for your clients.

Here’s how to set up a group board:

Pinterest group boards - Fig 5

To recap here are 6 free ways to amplify your social presence using tools you already have.

free promotion - Fig 6

Marketing ideas abound and social marketing is inspiring us to get even more creative with their tools. Pull together the marketing puzzle by including social along with your traditional promotional and advertising.  Then watch your brand awareness and recognition soar.

Where have you found success with social promotions?

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