7 Must-Do Power Secrets for Social Marketing

7 must do power secrets for social marketing

Over the last year, many savvy marketers have had some extra time on their hands and have found that routine marketing tasks have taken much longer than pre-COVID.  Does that sound familiar?

In my world, simple tasks like writing a blog or creating graphics have taken longer.   I ponder the best title, the perfect wording and the perfect color.  If that’s your world too, here’s a couple of tips to make the most of your time by not falling into the typical social marketing time sucks.


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Get the right things done with these tips;

  1. Create new content! As travel ramps up, people are looking for inspiration, safe travel options and excitement.  All this is easily delivered to your social fans via blogs, e-newsletters and video.  Attract new clients with these video tips.
  2. Repurpose and re-invent existing content. Way back in 2019 we all had a different perspective on travel & tourism.  Doesn’t that perspective sound old, quaint and out of touch these days?   Refreshing content is a sure-fire way to save time and ensure your content reflects 2021 and beyond.
  3. Tune in for 3 things that are on my MUST-DO list


4. Focus on what you’re brilliant at! Selling travel is your forte!  If you stare at your screen when writing an e-blast, find a Virtual Assistant to help.  Does your creativity take a vacation when creating graphics?  Check out the pros on Fiverr or Upworks.  If you hate to write social posts, we can help with that!

5. Set a time-limit for each task. I actually use the timer on my phone and set it for 45 minutes.  It’s amazing how much I can get done in a short time when the clock is ticking!

6. Work from a task list. Making a to-do list the evening before gives your brain a chance to ruminate and work thru tasks.  Then prioritize that list! The next day I find it was easier to settle in and get the right things done!

7. Don’t forget about marketing for the future. When you’re busy booking travel, it’s essential to keep marketing so that you fill your funnel for future bookings.  Many times when marketers get super-busy booking travel they feel they can stop marketing or advertising and all of a sudden the new bookings dry up.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Here’s 4 Fail-Proof social ad tips that work.

Don’t waste another minute doing the wrong tasks!   Get back into high-performance mode and sail thru the recovery in our industry.

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