7 Steps to a Powerful Timeline Pin

Changes on Facebook seem to happen more often than airline schedule changes.  Timeline gives us some remarkable new ways to enthrall and engage our tourism audiences.

Pins are no longer just for Pinterest and tack boards. Facebook now boosts it’s marketing options by giving businesses a chance to keep something top of mind and top of page for 7 days.    Here are some valuable ways to maximize this new feature:

  • •Travel Agents:  Consider showcasing the destinations that are selling well and include a link to a package offering.
  • •Tour Operators:  Imagine being able to welcome page visitors with your upcoming group offering or an article about a new destination.
  • •Hotels:  How about showing off your newest press release or package offerings.
  • •DMO’s are featuring people engaging in activities and enjoying member facilities
  • •Attractions:  Create a splash for your fans by Pinning information on the most popular feature, the newest show or a note-worthy article to get your fans excited.
  • •Restaurants:  How about posting photos of your newest menu item or a link to a video of the mixing of the hottest new cocktail.

Here’s how you do this:

  1.  Hover over the upper right corner of a post,
  2. Click the pencil icon and you’ll notice a drop down box.  (see below)
  3. Click Pin to Top
  4. You’ll notice a gold ribbon will appear at the top of the post.
  5. After 7 days this post will fall into your timeline in chronological order.
  6. You can re-pin it again for another 7 days.
  7. You can un-pin a post at any time.

Figure 1 - Pin to the Top of your Facebook Timeline

Here are some examples for you:

Notice the gold ribbon at the top of the post.


Highlight a new destination


Have fun with this new Pinning feature of Timeline! Pinning is a great tool that encourages connection and interaction with your audience and, promotes key features of the travel and tourism industry.

What do you plan to Pin to the top of your page?

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