8 HOT Highlight Tips for Tourism Pros

Highlight on your Timeline

Have you ever noticed a large, expansive billboard that can’t help but grab your attention?  Highlights are that billboard on Facebook Timeline.

Wouldn’t you love to have your latest photos spread across the entire width of your Facebook page?  Highlights lets you showcase posts, photos and articles. When you ‘Highlight’ a post by clicking on the star it enlarges the post so it spreads across the entire 2-column width of your page.   Talk about attention-grabbing!

How about Highlighting a series of photos that showcase an upcoming tour or your niche market.

Here’s how it looks:

Showcase your niche market or new menu items

Get more ‘likes’ when you highlight a video

Consider highlighting a preferred supplier or a new product.  This is a great way to shine the light on a group departure.

Highlight a supplier or market an upcoming group.

Showcase an event – from NTA’s Facebook page

Here are some examples you’ll want to put to work for you today:

  • •Hotels:  Are you renovating, updating your pool, or rolling out a new lobby look?  Post the photos to a new photo album then write a post about it and highlight it.  Notice the photos look like a film strip?
  • •Tour Operators:  Do you have some great new photos related to your next group tour?
  • •Attractions:  How about giving people a visual tour focusing on a new experience each week.
  • •Restaurants:  Here’s a great way to feature new menu items, updated facilities or new décor.
  • •DMO’s:  Explore ways to highlight different facets of your destination while showing people enjoying unique experiences.
  • •Travel Agents: Showcase a recent fam trip to maximize your credibility.  Shine the light on an upcoming group departure or niche market tour you’re arranging.
  • •Association:  How about using Highlights to showcase a recent conference, meeting or educational tour.  What an amazing way to build membership by showing potential new members the reasons to join.

What will you Highlight on your Facebook page?

Highlights generate inspired, attractive Timeline Facebook pages. Be creative as possible and have fun choosing what you want to Highlight on your Timeline.

For more information on Timeline, click hereAnd here! More here!

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