9 Advanced Tips to Target Ads Better

9 Advanced Tips to Target Social Ads Better

What did the target audience of your last social ad look like?

A lot of marketers will define their audience based on broad characteristics such as age or gender.  Those things are certainly important, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to skyrocket the success of your next ad, consider narrowing your target audience even further by using these unique parameters.

Audience Mindset Targeting

When you spend time around people of a different generation than yourself, you can’t help but notice differences in words they use and interests.  Yet, what if we, as travel marketers, could hone in on similarities in travel styles, not just age when targeting our ads?

Here’s some interesting ad targeting tactics being used by savvy travel marketers.

Ad Audience Targeting Tips

There’s so many finer points to consider when setting up an audience.  Consider answering these targeting questions about your ‘perfect client’ when defining your next audience avatar:

  1. What does this avatar LOVE to do in their spare time?
  2. What publications do they read?
  3. What sports do they watch?
  4. What sports do they participate in?
  5. Which types of art do they enjoy?
  6. What types of food do they enjoy?
  7. What was their college major? (this is helpful if you’re targeting band or choir directors for student tours)
  8. What is their job title?
  9. What companies or causes do they support?
Questions to ask when targeting your next ad audience

Figure 1- Questions to ask when targeting your next ad audience

Target Travel Audiences

Each of these targeting options can help you define the perfect person (avatar) that would love your next tour, style of travel or your destination.  More ad targeting tips here.

Still not sure if your ad will resonate with your audience? Now you can upload multiple assets and Facebook will mix and match them to find the option that works best for YOUR audience.  It’s a bit of advertising magic.


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Check out Dynamic Ads.  Here’s the highlights:

Dynamic Creative Ads

  • Deliver multiple ad variations
  • Learn what works for your audience
  • Upload or Create:
    • Up to 10 images, videos or slideshows
    • 5 ad texts
    • 5 ad headlines
    • 5 link descriptions
    • 5 call-to-action buttons
  • Follow template for easy set-up and creation
  • Preview your ads
  • Dynamic ad set creation & set-up tips here

While we want to escape the overload and overwhelm of our modern society, we all still value learning and seeing relevant content that’s customized to our interests.  Plus we want to save time doing it.

Help your fans and followers escape the chaos by creating content that’s targeted to them.  They’ll thank YOU by engaging with your great content…and ultimately (we hope) trusting you with their vacation!

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