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Do you want clients and potential clients to find you more easily in the world of social media? Is your internet presence in need of elevation?

So many travel pros ask for ways to be more visible in the world of social marketing as they know that top of mind awareness is key to more bookings. We all strive to put out content that’s shareable and relevant for our fans. We adjust the timing of our posts to fit when our clients are on-line. So what else is there?

Here are the top 5 ‘missed opportunities’:

#1 –Social Links in all the right places

The other day a travel consultant mentioned that a client noticed on her Facebook post that she was also active on Pinterest. Right away the client cruised over to Pinterest to find boards created about the cruise ship she really wanted to sail next. WaaaLaa…a new booking.

Include links to all your social sites in every platform. Maximize the bio and About sections to capture new fans on your other platforms.

Facebook: Are you active on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and/or You-Tube? Add these apps to your page so that fans can see and click to these other sites. Check out WooBox for easy to install free apps. More app choices.  They look like this on your page:

Fig 1 - rearrange apps section

Pro Tip: Do you want higher visibility for your apps? Managing where this Apps box appears on the left side of your Business page is a simple way to increase the potential for eyeballs. Click the pencil icon, the Manage Section like shown below:

Fig 2 - click the pencil icon

Then drag and drop to re-arrange your line-up of apps and information on the left side of your page. (Remember to click Save so that your hard works makes a difference.)

When re-arranging, consider where your most valuable assets live on your page and put these above the fold. This way page visitors won’t have to scroll down to find your most valuable information. Keep in mind that the “People” and “About” sections are fixed.

Here’s how to re-arrange these sections:

Fig 3- Rearrange easily

Pinterest: Many people insert their physical location (City, State or Country) and miss the opportunity to highlight another social platform or niche market. Here are some cool examples of creative ‘locations’ that travel pros have included on the Pinterest site.

While the “location” is not clickable, it at least reminds people of your other social site or your specialty.

In addition, you may consider including your website or other social link right in the “About You” description box. (the text under your location and website)

Travel Industry Examples:

cruise maven - sherry

Fig 5 - Notice the locationHere’s how to change your Pinterest Location:
Click Edit Profile in the top left corner of your page:

edit profile for pinterest

Pro Tip: Make sure to Verify your site so that followers know this is the official site for your business.

Fig 6 - Edit profile

#2 –Describe your photos with links

Photo description boxes on Facebook and Pinterest board descriptions are perfect places to include links to your other social sites.

Facebook: Elevate your albums by including links to relevant pages on your website. Not only will you give people a call to action to visit your website, you’ll potentially boost your SEO when people click and visit.

fig 7 - make the most

Pro tip: In the description box of each photo remember to add links and contact info as well. While this sounds like a huge job, the payoff comes with increased awareness and exposure.

fig 8 - add contact info
Pinterest: Your boards are begging to be marketing gurus for you. When you include a link to a related website landing page you make it really easy for people to learn more about an upcoming group tour, a blog post you’ve written or specials that are being offered.

You can add the link to your board description so that it looks like this. Editing is easy when you click ‘Edit Board’

Fig 9 - edit bd desc Pro Tip: In each Pin itself you can also add a link. How about adding a link to a related website landing page, your blog, a Facebook photo album. The possibilities are endless. Here’s how to edit a Pin and add that info to the Description box and the Source Box. More about the Source Box here.

Click the pencil icon on the Pin you want to edit:
fig 10 click the pencil

fig 11 - edit pin to incl link

#3 –Boost your Blog Exposure

Your blog photos are hidden gems. Ensure the hidden URL directs readers back to your website. Avoid using a link to another website or photo source if the photos are yours. If you’ve purchased photos to use in your blog post, please check and understand the guidelines to their usage.

The beauty of this tactic is that when a reader clicks on the photo in your blog post, they’re directed to a related web page or other social site for more information. For example, when you click on the image above in Figure 8, where do you find yourself? Yes, it’s a test!

To insert the URL, check the back-end dashboard of your website to learn how to accomplish this. Each blog provider is different.

#4 –Slide Shows & Video

When creating on-line slide shows or videos include a cover slide and final slide with your contact information and social links.

Using SlideShare, Animoto, Prezi, Flip A Gram or You-Tube you can easily add in a slide that you’ve created on Canva, PicMonkey or another Image editing tool.

Here’s an example using Animoto: Learn how to use Animoto to turn your travel photos into video.

fig 12 - adding contact info

fig 13 - add contact info

#5 –Google Plus is Great

Get active on Google+ and take advantage of the linking opportunities in the profile section. (Not yet involved in Google +? Here’s how travel pros showcase their business).

The About section on your business page offers unlimited links to be included in your Story. Building the links is just like working on a document in Word. Easy! Here’s how it looks:
Fig 14 - google plus

Fig 15 - the links section

Getting visible takes work! Using these tips and tactics will help you break out of marketing mayhem and give you a clear path to your success.

Which of these tips are you using already?

Which will you add to your tool box?

For those of you just starting out in the world of social marketing here are some novice steps that you can easily take to prepare for the steps above.

novice tips

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