Blogging for Travel Pros

With 133 million blogs flooding the internet do you ever wonder how people research information and make the time to post it.

Let’s start at the beginning with the ‘how’. I’ve found a couple of really easy blog platforms that can be set up with or without the help of a web designer or a 12 year old!

Word Press is the platform I use as it has the option to easily add photos and video. In addition, the space where you type looks like a word document.

‘What do I write about’ is a big question! When interviewing successful bloggers the formula many use is this:

o Keep an ongoing list of questions your clients frequently ask,

o Initiate a ‘blog squad’ with your staff, top clients or even industry partners to come up with relevant ideas,

o Engage others in the writing of your blog,

o Encourage your readers to comment and suggest new topics,

o Check out these ideas

Tip: make it easy for people to comment on your blog by adding that feature to your set-up. Your blog comments will appear as an e-mail and then you can respond publicly.

Time! ‘How in the world will I ever find the time to write all this?’ Are you now spending time working with an ad agency to design your next campaign? Are you putting together a newsletter? Think about the time you now spend on these things and consider if your time may be better spent engaging clients and potential new clients in a 2-way conversation. Blogs foster 2 way conversations that may lead to new product development and higher visibility.

Writing gives you a way to attract new business and sets you apart as a credible expert. Blogging is a modern and accessible way to achieve that goal.

What are some ways you generate content for your blog?

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