Can our business’ mascot have a social media presence?

Absolutely!  Check out the Banff Crasher Squirrel.  This marketing phenom has an e-mail address, a Twitter feed and a personal Facebook page.  Now Banff National Park has emerged as the the world‟s most influential destination marketing organization (DMO) on Twitter, according to Influencers in Travel. Measured by Klout score, the @Banff_Squirrel Twitter account ranks in the Top 10 of all Travel Companies Worldwide on Twitter, and is the only DMO to crack the Top 30 list.  More info here.

This is a great idea for a destination mascot, a hotel resident dog or cat, or even a digital waiter or attraction concierge.  Think of the possibilities of interacting with your clients thru a pseudo personality like this.

This is merely a drop in the ocean of great ideas I’ll cover in this blog.  Please let me know what other questions you have and I will continue to answer them in this column and thru audio podcasts.

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