Combine & Conquer – How to Multiply your Social Marketing Success

Multiply your Social Marketing Success

Do you find that your groups aren’t filling as quickly as they used to?

Are you interested in adding younger clientele to your groups?

What if you could shake up your battle-worn sales and marketing strategies to help you add some extra pizzazz to your plans?  Social pizzazz!

Trying new tactics can be tricky at first!  Let’s explore some ways to gradually add social into your traditional marketing tool box.

Together we’ll re-imagine the first 2 steps of the marketing process and tweak them a bit to add a social slant.

Adding Social to a Trade Show

When attending a travel conference or trade show, the traditional process is to meet with suppliers and connect on the trade show floor.  What an awesome way to put faces to names and shake hands.  It’s an invaluable way to do business.  Adding a social component extends the value from the trade show floor to your office to your success.

Let’s get social: 

  • Connect socially with people that you meet. Reach out to them on each of the social sites that you frequent.  Sending an invitation and short note is easy to do as you’re waiting for your flight connections at the airport.
  • Send a personal video follow up. Check out Loom to send personal videos via email or a social post.


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Social Marketing & Your Group Tour

Traditionally we have a plethora of possible marketing tools; brochures, flyers, consumer travel shows, in-house marketing events, in person sales calls and email marketing.  These tried and true marketing initiatives can be reinvented with the addition of social marketing options.

Let’s get social:

  • Brochures and flyers are the mainstay of marketing. Whether you produce a print or on-line brochure adding videos will create more interest and inspiration.  In your print brochure, include a link to a related tour or destination.  In your on-line brochure, embed video so that it plays directly.
  • We all participate in consumer travel shows in our communities. Wow consumers with a video slideshow highlighting your upcoming tour.  Create your video slideshow using tools like Animoto, iMovie, Powerpoint or Camtasia, then play the slideshow loop on your laptop at your booth.  Post this slideshow socially as part of your pre-show marketing and advertising.
  • At an in-house marketing event or consumer night the normal routine is to chat about the group tour and show a short video. How about getting social and broadcasting live from your event so out of town prospects can join in and learn more about your group tour.
    • Set up a sign-up process that enables people to sign-up in advance for the live broadcast by providing their contact information in exchange for a downloadable free lead magnet. Lead magnet ideas here
    • Check out these simple tips to expand the reach of your live stream broadcast

Sales Calls go Social

  • Making in-person sales calls to pied-pipers and potential group leaders becomes even more powerful with a video presentation to support your tour.
  • After the meeting send a video thank you email using Loom.

Email Marketing & Video

  • Email marketing is key to staying top of mind and tip of tongue with potential clients. Enhance your e-mail with video.  Embed video from the DMO or your own library.
  • Consider creating a quick video with Zoom or Loom.  While many e-blast platforms don’t support video, simply create a video thumbnail, add the player arrow to it, then hyperlink the thumbnail graphic to your video channel.

Embedding a social aspect into your traditional marketing strategies will really give your group tour bookings a boost.  The social pizzazz that comes hand in hand with adding visuals will help you to attract even more clients to your tours!

How will you be adding social into your trade show and conference marketing strategy?

Traditional vs Social advertising strategy

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