Creative ways to use QR Codes

Creativity abounds in the tourism sector’s use of QR codes.  You’ll find them in menus, way-finding, brochures and business cards.  Let’s explore how to use them in the role of engaging your fans using questions.

Tour Operators may want to create a QR code with a short video of an upcoming tour destination.  Print this QR code on a flyer and ask the question “What’s your favorite activity in this destination?  Please post on our Facebook page.”

Hotels can use QR codes on check-in or check-out documents and lead people to a survey asking about their hotel experience.

Travel agents can use QR codes on brochures, store fronts, business cards, destination specific flyers and flat sheets.  What a great way to promote your website or Facebook page.  How about linking the QR code to a video you’ve taken on your last fam trip?

Attractions are using QR codes to provide trivia and games to patrons as they wait in line.

Restaurants are using QR codes on menus and directing people to a video of the chef preparing a new dish on their menu. Consider exploring a wine list via QR codes that lead to interviews with vintners, an overview of the selected wine including notes and pairings.

Tip:  Make sure your QR code leads to a mobile internet site.

Already using QR codes?  Have you considered adding a trivia contest and/or scavenger hunt to your mix of QR tactics?

Have fun engaging your clients and travel pro’s with QR codes on all of your travel literature and social media!

These quick QR strategies and tactics are critical to enlightening people and attracting attention.  As you implement them, be certain to check your progress using monitoring tools we talked about in this previous blog post.

Improving your engagement will keep you top of mind with your unique audience of travelers.


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