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Do you want to attract Facebook users to your page?  In order to do so, you will want to engage your audience through original, fun, and creative means!

Custom apps are an essential way to make your page POP!  This section of your Facebook page used to be fairly stagnant.  Now you have the option to customize the caption and photo that accompanies each.

Custom apps can be created using companies like Involver, Scribd, Sprout Social, Wildfire apps.

Once you’ve created your app here’s what to do to leverage it’s appeal

1 .Move it to a position that will always appear on your page

2. Customize the caption and image.  Try a catchy word pairing. Think about: New, Free or Win.

a) Remember if you do sponsor a contest or even mention a sweepstakes you need to use an approved platform to market it on Facebook.  This applies to photo and video contests as well.  Consider Wildfire apps or Offerpop  for your contests.

b) A photo speaks a thousand words.  When you upload a custom image to your new tab, make certain you own the rights to use this photo.  The best option is to upload a photo you’ve taken.  Otherwise consider a photo purchasing site like I-Stock, Fotolia or Dreamstime.

Here’s how you can make this happen on your page:

•Log into your Facebook page as an Admin

•Hover over the app you’d like to customize

•Click on the pencil that appears

•Select Edit Settings

•Custom Tab Image, click change and  browse your library of images and upload

•Save when you’re finished

Creative examples in our industry:  

DMO’s are leveraging their blog posts and maximizing their social engagement


Tour Operators are using these apps to highlight new contests and video libraries


Tour Operators are also editing the Events app to showcase their niche


Hotels are maximizing this powerful tool with booking options and showcasing features and contests 


Cruise Lines are focusing on bookings and creating sharing tools


Attractions are focusing on new events to build excitement.  If they have other associated pages, they are creating a tab to lead fans to other Facebook pages.


Large agency groups are creating business opportunities with ‘find an agent’ apps that search by location.  Notice the Survey Monkey app here?  


Check out this business building app.


Associations are using surveys in their apps line-up


Travel agents are showcasing their blog by using Networked Blogs app

Notice the custom caption below the blog app?

To change the caption beneath the app here’s what you do:

•Log into your Facebook page as an Admin

•Hover over the app you’d like to customize

•Click on the pencil that appears

•Select Edit Settings

•Custom Tab Name, enter the name you’ve decided on for this tab

•Save when you’re finished

•Click OK to finalize

Strategy Tip:  Select a catchy, descriptive name and graphic for your apps.

These essential features continue to make Facebook a key marketing component for tourism and hospitality leaders.  Are you making the most of your page?

What apps have you added to your Timeline?

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