Don’t Miss Out! Promote your blog on LinkedIn and I-Google

Many people forget to promote their blog content on these 2 social sites.  Both will provide more eyeballs and exposure for you!

LinkedIn: Are you connected to your corporate clients?  Have you sought out your leisure clients and provided them with valuable information?

Let your contacts know that you’re an expert by posting a link to your blog on your LinkedIn profile.  Here are some tips for you:

  • You can maximize your reach by posting your latest blog to relevant groups you’ve joined.
  • Also, check out the application Blog Link as it automatically pulls your blog and others you choose from your network.
  • Consider making a powerpoint presentation of key points in your blog and adding it to your profile using the SlideShare application.

Using these techniques your non-travel contacts will learn about your expertise and you’ll leverage that knowledge when they plan their next vacation. Speaking of expertise, have you noticed the Answers section under the More tab on your profile?

The ‘Answers’ application enables you to answer questions posted by others that are seeking professional information.  This can be a real bonus when seeking new client contacts.

Bonus Tip:  When you post you may also want to send your preferred supplier DSM a quick, personalized note letting them know of your post.  Think about ‘brownie points’!

IGoogle: Ensure that your profile is up to date with your blog URL.  This simple and effective tool increases your searchability and visibility in Google.

These tips and techniques will propel your business to the next level.  I challenge you to put them to work for you today.

What ideas have you used successfully?  I believe that by sharing our ideas we’ll create a stronger industry that’s even more relevant to our clients.

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