Email List Not Growing Fast Enough? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Email list not growing fast enough? Avoid these 5 mistakes.

Have you created an amazing lead magnet to hook new clients but your fans just aren’t biting?  Your email list just isn’t growing fast enough!

It may have less to do with your lead magnet and more to do with the way it’s being marketed.  The algorithms on social platforms are pretty finicky and they change at dizzying speeds.  So, strategies that have worked in the past may no longer be effective.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if your social ads and lead magnet haven’t been getting the results you anticipated and your email list growth has plateaued.

Marketing & Email Pitfalls to Avoid

Blunders and boo-boo’s are bound to happen in social marketing.  Here’s a couple of biggies to avoid:

#1 — Text & Wording

Your words matter!  When looking to share your freebie with people who will find it relevant to hand over their contact information the key is finding the right tone and style.  Adjusting the wording, voice and style so that social platform algorithms approve is sometimes the hardest part.   Due to recent changes here’s some words to avoid in your social posts and ads.  These banned words can ruin your marketing efforts.

It can be tricky to come up with phrases that avoid these words.  Tune in for some travel industry  examples you can steal.

#2 — Social Ad Testing Tips

Another common blunder marketers make is creating 1 version of an ad and putting it out there.  When it doesn’t perform as well as they intended, they give up.  Here’s the fix:  Testing your posts and ads is crucial to your success.  Tap into the testing options on Facebook; Dynamic ads and Split testing.  Here’s what you’ll want to test:

  • Post text/copy
  • Emoji use
  • Headline formula
  • Call to action buttons
  • Text/copy length
  • # use
  • Ad timing
  • Visuals: Graphics vs Video
  • Audience selection
  • Ad placement
  • Size and style of visual assets

#3 — Social Ad Audience Testing

A danger point in marketing is lack of audience targeting!  The other day I found an ad in my social feed about hair loss for men.  What a waste of an advertisers money!  First off, I’m a woman.  Secondly, my hair is so thick that I get it thinned out at the hairdresser!  The fix it to target your ad audiences to make them as finely tuned as possible.  Get beyond simple demographics!    Consider these questions when creating target ad audiences.

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#4 — Landing Page Lowdown

Presentation matters!  Clinching a bit of contact info is tough when the landing page doesn’t appeal.  What would inspire people to download your freebie if the landing page didn’t look good—they’d just assume that the freebie didn’t look good either.  Spending the time creating a branded landing page will clinch the deal!  Here’s some tools to create landing pages and funnels that work. 

#5 — Email Follow-up Frenzy! 

Don’t waste the time of your new connections by sending too many or too few follow-up emails.  The nurturing sequence you build can make or break your new relationships.

Bottom Line

Sometimes the smallest tweaks can have a massive impact.  I saw great results when I adjusted my text to cut out those words listed above and I think you will too.  So just keep an eye on which words are on the ‘do not use’ list and keep testing your ads and social posts.

Get ready to start reeling in new clients and growing your email list!

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