E’s of Selling. 3 words to live by!

The E’s of Selling, is a bit of a play on words.  I started thinking about it as the EASE of Selling—how easy selling can be in any marketplace with the right tools.  Then it became a couple of tips for you that began with the letter E.  

Let’s jump right in with the first E- word:  Evolution! 

How many of you envision your next new client finding you by way of social media networking?  That’s right—Twitter or Facebook.  Or maybe you’ll find your next perfect incentive group on LinkedIn. 

Ok, so now you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking about the effort and time it takes to get started with social media marketing.  Well, please stick with me here….it’s worth it! 

Did you know…Facebook has more than 400 million active users?  33% of travellers consult Facebook when planning a trip.  

This evolution will differentiate you from other consultants and drive more business your way. 

That leads us to the next topic:  Efficiency and Efficacy. 

I’ve asked myself this a hundred times… Are social networking sites really efficient use of my time?  I’ve had clients ask me if this is the most effective way for them to reach their sales targets. 

The fact is if your clients are using it and paying attention to it, then you need to be there too.  

In this new era it now becomes a matter of knowing your clients and having a mix of different forms of communication to most effectively reach out and connect. 

Research has shown that we need to reach clients in the manner in which they want to listen.  This means that having as many channels of communication open as possible will bring you the greatest amount of credibility and exposure.  This will open the door to stronger relationships and more creative ways to grow your business. 

Sure it takes a while to get familiar with how to market yourself on Facebook.  

It takes a bit to get comfortable communicating in 140 characters or less on Twitter.  However, it enables a greater degree of communication, most importantly, 2 way communication with your clients. 

Imagine what this may look like in YOUR world:

  • As a professional travel consultant you have access to videos produced by suppliers and available on U-Tube. 
  • How about doing a marketing campaign that you ‘tweet’ on Twitter about a new video and send people to view it on U-tube. 
  • You can also post a message on your Facebook page about the wonderful new video available on U-Tube and then direct them to your site for more info on the destination. 
  • You can also e-mail your clients destination specific e-mails or videos by using a contact management program.
  • Once they arrive at your web-site you can greet them with a blog on your thoughts and ideas and suggestions for visiting the destination they’ve just seen because of your marketing efforts.
  • You could set up a photo or video contest for your clients to enter their latest vacation escapades.
  • The ideas are endless.

With these new forms of communication your clients will be so engaged that they will e-mail you to book or pick up the phone to learn more about the packages you’ve outlined in your most recent social media connection. 

Are you with me here?  I realize this is a lot of time and effort, yet if it’s the way consumers are buying at this point in time, can you afford to miss out on connecting with them?  These are additional ways to strengthen and fortify your relationships with your clients.  You will also find that you’re able to differentiate yourself from other travel consultants and therefore dominate the marketplace. 

Did you know that 92% of consumers are more confident about the information they view online than they are about comments from salespeople in retail outlets.  (this is from a LinkShare study from early in 2009)

Think of the possibilities when you become not only their #1 online information source, but their most trusted travel advisor.

Last but not least:  Euphoria!

Here’s the chance for you to celebrate when you’ve accomplished your goal of attracting new clients, retaining existing clients and growing your business.

Euphoria is what your clients will feel when they can communicate with you in these new ways.

You’ve evolved to meet the changing needs of your clients. 

It will be easy to close your next sale when you pick up the phone to let your client know of a wonderful new promotion and they tell you they just read your blog, have seen your ‘tweet’ and are now ready to book.

It’s Euphoria when you find the right mix of traditional and new communication styles that best meet the needs of your clients.

The 1 key thing to bear in mind is that by keeping in touch with your clients, in whatever fashion suits them, you’ll build stronger relationships and grow your business.  It’s one more tool in your tool box to demonstrate your value to your clients.

You can find more information on this topic by listening to my podcast.

To ensure that you’re maximizing your time and sales efforts, give me a call to learn how you can bring the expanded version of sessions like this one to your next live meeting or conference. 


See you next time as we fend off “The F’s of Selling or Failure”

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