Facebook: 3 Cool Features

Facebook is continually adding new features to engage existing fans and draw in potential new fans. Let’s talk about some features that are relevant to the tourism industry.

Events: Facebook fan pages have an event tab that allows you to enter upcoming events that your company is participating in or sponsoring. Think of the possibilities using this feature could provide! For example, you may want to enter your group departures here, listing the upcoming special events at your attraction or restaurant, or list the festivals and cultural events your DMO would like to market to a targeted audience of fans. Once an event is posted, you can invite your fans and check who plans to attend the event. Event attendees can also check the guest list and invite their friends.  For more info, check out this how-to guide.

Contests: You can also engage your fans and draw potential fans into your conversations with contests.  When you use the ‘search’ function on Facebook, you’ll locate their contest building application called “Wildfire”. Imagine building a contest that will spread like ‘wildfire’ and draw many new visitors to your site as word spreads. Tauck Tours is a great example of a successful contest.

“Places”: There’s a new feature of Facebook called “Places” that allows members to “check in” to places they visit, and write comments and status updates about the location. For example, a hotel guest may indicate (via Facebook “Places”) that they are currently at your hotel, that they love the service, and then go on to rave about your comfy beds. Perhaps one of their personal Facebook friends sees this posting and decides to book your property based on their friend’s recommendation.

As you can see, once you have created your Facebook business page, there is a vast amount of features and resources to help you reach out to your existing and potential clients. Remember, the benefits that Facebook offers to help you engage with your clients are only a click away!

Catherine Heeg is an international speaker and trainer in the tourism and hospitality industry.  Check out the social media division that will set up and maintain your social media presence for you!  We do the work and you reap the rewards.  Here’s the solution!

What are your Facebook success stories?

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