Facebook: The importance of getting started

Are you still thinking why do I need to be on Facebook? I don’t have the time! Maybe you already have a Facebook page, but are wondering how to update it and keep your fans engaged.

You are not alone in these thoughts. Travel professionals seem to be agonizing over how to start, why they need or want to be on Facebook, and what reward it offers.

With over 500 million Facebook users worldwide, there are many people in your target audience waiting to hear from you!

This posting will focus on Facebook fan pages, or business pages, as opposed to personal profiles. In order to get started on Facebook, you will need both a personal profile and a business page, but for clarity we will focus only on the business page. On a business page fans ‘like’ you or join your page in order to take part in the conversations. You do not ‘accept’ them as you would do on a personal profile.

2 reasons why Facebook is so important

  1. Facebook opens one more channel of conversation with your clients and potential clients: it allows for a 2-way conversation to take place.  Unlike print marketing or radio advertising, Facebook allows you to have 2-way conversations and learn more about your client’s wants and needs.
  2. Facebook pages are searchable on the Internet, meaning that when a client Googles your company name, not only will your website listing appear, but your Facebook business page will also be accessible.  Even if your client isn’t a member of Facebook they can still access your business page! This information is truly valuable from a tourism perspective. Just think about a client who’s searching for a tour that your company offers and finds a lively conversation on your Facebook page about this particular destination. Not only will this client be engaged, but they will also have a chance to get to know you and your current clients quickly.

Remember, there are many people in your target audience waiting to hear from you. Read on to learn more about the cool new features on Facebook that will help you to reach out and engage with both your existing and potential clients.

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Catherine Heeg is an international speaker and trainer in the tourism and hospitality industry.

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