Have a Facebook Page? What’s next? 7 tips for travel pros!

You’ve got your Facebook business page created and produced, you’ve connected with some clients and fans. Now are you wondering what’s next? Is your big question, how do I build my fan base with brand evangelists that will help spread the word? Well, here are some proven tactics for you, the travel pro!

As we all know, merely having 500 fans on our business page is worth nothing if these fans don’t engage with you or your company. I would rather have 50 engaged fans that participate in conversations and in my business. Numbers look sexy, but don’t mean a thing for your bottom line if they don’t participate.

Getting the word out — 7 Marketing Tips for travel pros:

  • Add your Facebook link to your e-mail signature.

I know this sounds really basic, but you’d be surprised how many forget about this. While you’re at it, how about adding this information to everything else you send out. Invoices, RFP’s, itineraries, proposals, contracts, group inquiries, newsletter, flat sheets, e-mail blasts, newsletters, etc.

  • Facebook Badge on your Website landing page

Make certain that clients and web visitors can easily link from your website to your Facebook page. Todays web visitors want to get to know you and have other ways to connect with you.

  • Start a blog and invite people to connect

Blog about what’s hot in your area and invite people to connect with you on your social media sites. You can then direct visitors to your social media sites back to your blog and your website. This form of cross marketing will draw more attention in search engines and will give people more opportunities to engage with you and your business.

  • Post valuable information…frequently

People want to ‘like’ an active, fun page. They want to see conversations, posts and links on interesting topics that scream “read me—I’m exciting”. There’s nothing worse than going to a page and seeing that the last post was months ago.

  • Invite others to share

Ask questions, participate and initiate polls. Invite others to post their favorite photos, invite fans to share their favorite blogs. Post information from other sites. You-Tube and non-competing travel information sites will provide a wealth of diversity. This will spark interest from your readers and ignite conversations. More obvious, but less used….ask people to ‘share’ the information if they find it useful.

  • Ask Brand Evangelists to comment

Don’t be shy about asking your top clients, favorite suppliers or others who know you well to respond and post on your site. This will not only benefit you, but will provide more exposure for another business. If you’re a wholesale tour company, think about asking your suppliers to comment on your posts about destinations they serve. A shout-out is priceless. As a travel agent, simply ask your favorite clients to participate in conversations—everyone likes to see their name and comments in print.

  • Comment and participate on Facebook  pages of your suppliers and partners

If your hotel is close to a tourist attraction, comment on their Facebook postings and people will connect with you when planning their next vacation. As a retail travel agent, comment on a tour company’s Facebook page. Potential clients will read and connect with you.

This is only the beginning of a long list of marketing tips for you. What other ideas have you used to market your social media presence?

Connect with me …..Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.  If you find these tips and techniques helpful, please pass them along to colleagues and other travel pros.  Thanks.

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