How to add Video to your LinkedIn Profile

how-to-add-video-to-your-li-profileAre you ready to add even more pizzazz to your LinkedIn profile?

In a recent webinar I hosted for travel pros the biggest question your colleagues had was how to add video and showcase their specialties and niche market.  The process is quite simple and gives you the chance to stand apart while providing a unique component to your professional profile.  Talk about a great branding opportunity.

Adding video to your LinkedIn profile

(Slide show below.  Please note the first slide will change automatically in 4 seconds, the rest of the slides can be changed manually by clicking the forward arrow beneath the slide.  This will give you a chance to complete the information on the slide before manually moving to the next slide. I wanted to be certain you have the right amount of time to capture this valuable information.)

Marketing your LinkedIn profile

  •  Include your LinkedIn address on all printed materials; business card, invoices, itineraries, promotional materials and social sites
  •  More tips on the slides below.

Where to find video for your LinkedIn profile

  •  Supplier videos.  Tap into the resources of your top travel industry suppliers.

** For more tips please refer to the slide show below.

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