How to Analyze & Update Your Social Marketing

How to analyze and update your social marketing


As Travel & Tourism Pros we’re an adaptable group of people!  We’re uniquely capable of dealing with unexpected problems and hurdling obstacles.  As an industry, we can persevere and get ourselves and our clients through these tricky times.

As we transition to our next normal, let’s chat about a couple different ways we can use this time effectively and start prepping for the future.  The foundation is understanding your unique audiences and the analytics that are available in your social media accounts.

These strategies will help you hit the ground running when the world is open to travel again.

Check Behind the Advertising Scenes

Unfortunately, you’ve been busy cancelling all your hard work from the past months.  Once that’s finished, what can you do to prepare for the future?

Now is a great time to work on all those projects that have been sitting on the back burner.  If you’re like many of us there’s a whole group of things that you’ve tossed into that ‘One Day When I Have Time’ file!  Well, the time is now!




Here’s what’s valuable now to help you find success when things turn around:

  • Update your custom ad audiences.
    • Ensure you have all your latest client lists segmented and uploaded.
    • Pull your pixel audiences and add them to relevant existing audiences. Choose ‘Website traffic’ to create your pixel audience. (figure 1)
    • Create audiences using the “Facebook Page” option that puts together an audience of all people who have taken action on your page. (figure 1)
Create custom audiences

Figure 1 – Create custom audiences

  • Update your social profiles. Maybe it’s been awhile since you revised your “About” and “Bio”  Does the text match your website?  Is it really, really what you want to project about you and your company?

Create Evergreen Blog Content

  • Do you have some past blog posts that feel a bit dated now, yet the content is evergreen? Go ahead and freshen them up.
    • Remember to add a “Related Articles” section at the end so that your readers will stay on your site longer and build a stronger relationship with you. Check the end of this post for an example.

Analyze Your Social Audience Analytics

  • Study your social analytics to better understand your audience and what resonates with them. (figure 2) Drill down within the Post Reactions section to understand exactly which posts drew the most reactions.  The Post Shares section reveals the posts that received the most shares.
Understand your audience metrics

Figure 2 – Understand your audience metrics

  • Study your ad analytics to get a clearer picture of which ads perform the best. (figure 3)
Facebook ads analytics

Figure 3 – Facebook ads analytics

Plan for the Future of Social Marketing

Once the world starts changing back there will be so much pent-up travel demand that we’ll be inundated with new bookings.  You’ll be going crazy (again) but in a good way!  Get ready now with these tactics:

  • Create new pixel audiences that reflect those people most likely to travel right away; those people who have frequently visited your web and social sites.
  • Include and exclude behaviors or interests to fine-tune your audience.
Create an audience from your pixel

Figure 4 – Create an audience from your pixel

Create New Social Content

  • You’ve got some time now, right? How about writing a collection of new blog posts for future launch dates.  You can work on creating a library of new posts that reflect your niche market and top selling destinations.  This way you can launch them at your leisure when the time is right.
  • Flip on your webcam and shoot a collection of videos for the future.
    • Consider shooting a short video of each of your top travel tips.
    • How about a quick series of videos about why your top selling destinations are so special.
    • Interview a BDM or industry expert to provide inspiration. Here’s how to do this from your desktop.
    • Earn more video view traction with these 3 tips.
    • Here’s the not so secret, secret…we’re a resilient industry that will get better.  This really is only temporary!

The key to our success it to plan for the future and give our clients and social fans a light at the end of the tunnel. By staying in touch with your people and giving them the opportunity to dream NOW and digging into your own business behind the scenes, we’ll all come out stronger!  We’ll be better able to deal with the upcoming demand.

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