How to Change Your LinkedIn Title Headline

how to change your title in LI

What has 120 characters and is searchable?  YOUR LinkedIn Title Headline!

Make the most of your headline by focusing on your expertise, niche market and uniqueness. Stand out from the crowd by showcasing your specialties.   Have you considered descriptors like:

  • Cruise Specialist
  • Adventure Travel Expert
  • Group Travel Designer
  • Luxury Travel Consultant
  • (include your top destination here)Destination Specialist
  • Event Planning
  • Meeting Planning
  • Wedding and Honeymoon Travel Specialist

Update your LinkedIn Title

Here’s how to change and update your title on LinkedIn.  Check out this short video how-to guide.

Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Many times I’ll see people who run all their attributes together without any spacing.

The Fix:   Include symbols like | or \ between your descriptors

  1. Some other people list obscure titles.

The Fix:   Focus on words that clients would search and that describe your uniqueness

  1. Owner or President is great yet consider how potential clients would search for a travel or tourism specialist.

The Fix:  Wordsmith your title to focus on the needs of your clientele and connections.

  1. The & (ampersand symbol) doesn’t always show up properly in updates and notifications.

The Fix:  Use this symbol sparingly to avoid garbled text in network updates.

Making the most of the available social landscape while captivating your LinkedIn followers can be done quickly and easily with this small fix.

What title do you use on your LinkedIn profile?

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