How to Conquer Video

how-to-conquer-videoWant to make crisp-looking social videos, but not super tech-savvy?

Want to ramp up your video production, but run short on content ideas?

Did you know that video generates 135 times more activity on Facebook than other styles of posts.  Yet many travel pros haven’t quite jumped into the director’s chair.

Transform your Video Skills

Here are a couple of tips to add some professional touches to your own videos.

Video & Sound Quality

  • Tip #1 – Check out the quality of your phone or HD video camera and the editing options. If you’re looking to ‘up your game’, you may want to take a close look at your equipment.  If you’re using your phone, is it the best quality available? If you’re using an HD video camera does it have all the features you want?  Is your tri-pod easy to pack?

How’s your sound quality?  Investing in an external microphone for your phone may be in order.  If you’re planning to shoot video with audio (recommended) on your next fam or ship site inspection, this will give you less background noise and reduce the scratchiness.

If you’re planning to do video interviews, having at least 1 external mik attached to your phone is a huge value. (I really like my iRig Lav Mik) You can also purchase a system that has 2 microphones attached to 1 phone input jack.  This is great if you’ll be doing interviews regularly.  See the video below for ideas on how to incorporate this into your next fam or site inspection.

Are you doing Facebook Live?  Go BIG with an external mik to elevate your sound quality.  Try using a tri-pod or selfie-stick for a different perspective.

Video Editing Tools

  • Tip #2 – Dive into easy editing tools like iMovie, Movie Maker and Screen Cast o Matic. These easy to use tools will let you add transitions, music, fade, captions, still images and other cool special effects.

Your strategy may be to shoot the video on your phone, drop it into one of these editing tools.  Work your magic.  Then upload socially.

While this may take a bit more time, the level of professionalism will shine thru.

Elevate your Video

  • Tip #3 – Up your game by checking out ShowBox, Magisto, and Videohance. These free and nearly free tools take your video to the next level as they include features like:  green screen, formats, graphics, captions, branding, music and video within your video.  You may also be interested in Adobe Spark.

Not sure what content makes sense for you?  Don’t miss the video below for compelling content you can pull together TODAY that your fans will LOVE.

What will you create next?  Which tools do you like best?

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