How to Get the Most Mileage from Live Stream Videos

How to get the most mileage from live stream videos

Are you familiar with the term FOMO?  It’s the Fear Of Missing Out and it’s something that a lot of your clients and fans experience.

FOMO is also a part of what makes live stream videos so enticing, people don’t want to miss out on what’s going on right NOW

Luckily for you, your live videos can continue to bring value to your brand long after the camera has been turned off.  Try these tips and strategies for getting the most from your live videos.


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Divide & Conquer

While people are keen to watch more lengthy live broadcasts, the average video view of a non-live (pre-recorded) video is much shorter.  To maximize your live broadcasts’ shelf life, clip it into shorter segments and repurpose it.

For example, let’s say you did a 20 minute live broadcast.  Once you save that video to your camera roll you can now edit it into shorter segments.  Consider breaking it into 1-2 minute segments that you can drip out during your next marketing campaign.

When you’re planning and writing your live video script, plan to cover several topics that can be addressed in 1-2 minute segments.  This will make your editing much easier.  Editing tools and tips here.

These short videos can also be the foundation for a series of blog posts or social ads.

Live Stream Videos Dress Rehearsal

Does going live make you nervous?  If so, tune in and learn how you can have a dress rehearsal to iron out the tech and the topic.



Loom & Zoom

Do you find you get the same questions again and again from different clients?

Do your clients stumble when using some piece of technology connected to your business; your booking engine, group registration form, etc?

How about creating a short live video answering those FAQ’s or demonstrating how to use the technology?  This live broadcast showing your screen and/or your beautiful face can be done easily and for free.  Using Loom you can create a series of evergreen videos to email to your clients or even embed into your website.

This same strategy can be accomplished using Zoom or GoTo Webinar.  Simply click the record button and create your video or screen share video.

Get the Right Gear – Live Stream Videos

Live broadcasts are all the rage today!  They are proven to earn social credibility and eyeballs for your business.

Making the most of your live broadcast puts you on the road to maximizing your time and talent.  Here’s some tips and tools:

  1. Go live from your desktop and host an interview
  2. Upgrade your lighting and sound with this gear
  3. Make your next video shoot easy with this Multi Case all in one rig.

Extend the shelf life of your live broadcasts and put some time back into your busy marketing calendar with these tips and tricks.  Take the vex out of video so your visitors, clients, fans and followers get to better understand your value.

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