How to Launch a Solid Social Marketing Campaign

how to launch a solid SM campaign

Do your social marketing campaigns need a roadmap?  If you’re like many of us in the travel and tourism world we need to jumpstart group tour bookings, fill seats in a coach or kick-off a new promotion….yesterday!

While we all know the fundamentals of marketing, yet are you challenged with pulling together a plan to make your next campaign launch more effective?

In a previous post, we talked about how to piece together the starting point of your next campaign. Now the most exciting part: making your great ideas go live!

#1 – Execute

This is where the magic starts!  Now that you have your foundation set, you get to create and launch your new strategy.

Creating an editorial calendar that focuses on your assets and your client needs is easy when you have your tone, style and voice down pat.  You’ll be adding content to your calendar that supports your theme and begs to be shared by your fans.


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Corral & Clarify

This calendar is an effective way to corral all your marketing tactics into one place, both social and traditional!  Here’s some things to include in your calendar:

  • Social posts
  • Newsletter content topics
  • Social ad topics
  • Video creation
  • Website updates & landing pages
  • E-newsletter or e-zine topics

Here’s a sample editorial calendar you’re welcome to use.

When launching your new initiative (whether it’s a group tour, new website or new social strategy) your new fans will come to recognize your tone, style and voice across a variety of channels.   Organic reach combined with well-targeted advertising will launch your success.

# 2 – Evaluate

This is the stage where you’ll be able to track, measure and tweak your strategy.

  • Have your fans given you the ‘thumbs up’?
  • Is your fan base sharing your great content?
  • Are they signing up for your tours and begging to be on the wait list?
  • Is the new strategy worth your time and talent….and that of your team?

When you track and analyze your social efforts there are some amazing tools to highlight what’s resonating with your fans.  You can measure your success in terms of reach, engagement, web traffic,

Monitoring your own progress is grand.  Looking further afield is an even better way to see what’s popular on the pages of your suppliers, destinations and even competitors.  Many tourism pros are so focused that they forget the value of learning from others in order to better serve their own unique audiences.

Whew! With these tips to get your campaign running, imagine how easy it will be to plan your next consumer night, new tour or initiation into another social channel.

You can customize each of these steps to meet your needs and satisfy your own goals.  For example, if you want to:

  • Increase your social reach and engagement, add video into your mix as it’s proven to amplify your message and earn more viewers and shares.
  • Drive more traffic to your website from your social sites, build landing pages specific to your marketing efforts and stay consistent with your blogging as this type of unique content will draw people to your website and increase your SEO.

Building relationships with your unique fans is the end goal of both social and traditional marketing as we all know that people buy from people they know and like. Being successful at it takes a strategy that’s filled with E’s!

Here’s a graphic example of that E’s strategy!

Edit Embrace Execute Evaluate

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