How to Measure & Understand Your Social Fans and Analytics

How to measure and understand your social fans


Have you ever brought your vehicle to a mechanic shop only to be baffled by the technical jargon used by the mechanic?

Or attended a conference for experts in your field only to have the speaker discuss topics that are completely basic?

Those are examples of people not knowing their audience and it can be extremely frustrating or uninteresting for the audience!

As a Travel and Tourism Professional, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of who your audience is and what makes them tick.  By getting to the heart of what truly matters to your audience, you will be better able to create and market a product that they LOVE.  Here are 3 analytics tools for the top social sites that will give you amazing insights that you’ve never had before.

Instagram Analytics

After you switch to a business Instagram account you’ll find analytics to help you understand basic demographics and what appeals to your followers.

When you dig into your own Instagram presence, there are a number of things you’ll want to study to ensure you’re getting a clear snapshot of what appeals to your audience, how they’re interacting with your content as well as their demographics.   Here’s a number of items to analyze outside of your Instagram Analytics.

Study these metrics to understand what actions your unique audience is taking

Figure 1 – Study these metrics to understand what actions your unique audience is taking

Bio-Link Click Thru’s – Let’s start with your own bio as it’s the welcome mat for your followers.  Adding a clickable link in your Bio that drives your followers directly to relevant content. Study the data to understand what’s most useful.  Use a tool like Lnk.Bio or LinkTree to set up multiple links and then study the analytics.  Here’s what it looks like in your bio:

use a clickable link tool in your bio - analytics

Figure 2 – use a clickable link tool in your bio

For example, you’ll be able to study and understand:

  • Which link in your Link Tree do they access most?
    • Do you fans love your downloadable lead magnet?
    • Do they mainly click thru to a specific web page?
  • How many click-thru’s does each link receive?
    • Consider re-positioning your links to take advantage of popular links
    • Change the links based on your own post content

Understand the analytics more clearly when you use a tool that allows you to include multiple links.  Here’s an example of Link Tree. This free tool is super easy to set up and includes basic analytics.  The paid version gives you more bells and whistles.

Set up multiple links in your own bio-link tool account - analytics

Figure 3 – Set up multiple links in your own bio-link tool account

Most Engaged # — We all know there are some hashtags that perform better over time for your brand.   Research and then use them frequently. Therefore, you might want to use some of your outstanding hashtags from time to time to get a higher success.

Stories — Although stories can only be seen for 24 hours, don’t underestimate their potential. Whether you post stories using video or photo format, they are one of the best ways to reach and engage with your audience.   For example, pay attention to is the number of people who see your stories; did they watch it till the end? Or, did they exit in the middle?


Free Resources

Instagram Insights – Platform Tools

The Insights tool right in your Instagram account can show you when your audience is on Instagram, which of your posts are most popular, as well as your account’s impressions and reach.

Measure valuable content, analytics

Figure 4 – Measure valuable content, activity & audience  data

Using a 3rd party tool such as Later, you’ll discover the most popular times your followers are online.   Check out the analytics for your Instagram Stories as well.

Here’s some other popular free Instagram Analytics tools:

  1. Instagram Insights
  2. Iconosquare
  3. Squarelovin
  4. Crowdfire
  5. Pixlee
  6. Union Metrics
  7. Socialbakers

You-Tube Analytics

If you wonder what age group are watching your You Tube video, wonder no more.  You-Tube analytics provides basic demographic info and watch time.   You’ll also find your most popular video titles.

Armed with this knowledge you can speak more directly to your follower base and provide more content similar to your most popular videos.   When you build a large following, your analytics will be more robust and include:

  • Audience retention
  • Traffic sources
  • Interaction reports
  • Videos in Playlists

Navigate to Analytics for your You-Tube channel < You-Tube Creator Studio < Analytics < Audience.

What’s hiding in plain sight that can help you put out video content your fans will LOVE?   Don’t be scared off by the metrics, tune in and learn how to maximize your video viewership.

Pinterest Analytics

We all know that brides-to-be and women are the main Pinterest users. Wouldn’t you LOVE to know what types of travel interests your audience?  Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

Learn the travel interests of your Pinterest followers with analytics

Figure 5 – Learn the travel interests of your Pinterest followers

Attention wedding and romance professionals; Pinterest has a golden nugget for you. Knowing what’s popular with your wedding planning fans will help you post relevant content to earn more re-pins to grow your audience base with like-minded romantics.

Analytics - destination wedding & honeymoon followers

Figure 6 – Learn what interests your destination wedding & honeymoon follower

Navigate to your Pinterest Analytics; Your Business Account < Analytics (upper left corner) < Categories & Interests (scroll)

Armed with this knowledge you’ll be able to tailor your Pins to meet their travel needs.

Pro Tip:  Remember you can also add video to Pinterest as well as your blog posts. What a great way to build stronger relationships with your followers.  Here’s the video analytics you’ll find.  You’ll learn:

  • Video Impressions
  • Average watch time
  • Daily views
Pinterest Video analytics will help you understand which videos perform best.

Figure 7 – Pinterest Video analytics will help you understand which videos perform best.

The information gleaned from these analytics tools will give you a deeper insight into who is interested in your unique products and services.  Armed with this info, you’ll never need to make the mistake of misunderstanding your audience!

What do you measure most frequently?  What new tools will you add to your toolbox?

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