How to Optimize Delivery of Your Social Ads

How to optimize delivery of your social adsCreating a social ad campaign that resonates with your audience and leads to new bookings can take a lot of careful planning.  In fact, it’s similar to a chef who is combining spices and ingredients to get the perfect taste and visual appeal.

Social marketers need a deep understanding of who their audience is, what type of content will have the greatest impact, and how to create and use effective visuals.

Do you have a theory on what type of ads will work best?  Split-testing delivers accurate results that will help you tweak your future efforts.  If you’re new to social advertising or split testing, check out this quick guide.

If you’re already familiar with split-testing, these advanced testing and placement strategies will help boost your social ad success even higher.

Delivery Optimization

At first, this optimization variable in a split test can be a bit daunting. What to choose?  Which is best?

Here’s how I look at this.

Are you looking to have your video shown to people that Facebook feels are most likely to watch your video for at least 15 seconds?   These may be people who are most interested in your tour or destination.  While this may yield a smaller audience, the potential here is for an audience that is most interested in your ad offering.  If this is your goal, choose “Thru Play”.   (Figure 1)

If you’re looking to deliver your ad to (and collect audience info on your pixel) for a potentially larger audience, choose the option “2 second Continuous Video Views”.   This audience may be new to your ad offerings, so this is a great choice for top of funnel ads.  This is also a great choice if you simply want to increase your re-targeting (Pixel) audience.   (Figure 1)

Remember, whichever choice you make you can create a future social ad audience of the people who took some action on your ad when you have your pixel installed.

choose how you want to optimize your ad delivery

Figure 1 – choose how you want to optimize your ad delivery

Social Ad Placement

Let’s dig a bit deeper into split testing options and explore the “Placement” variable.  This is how you’ll get to test the difference in ad success based on where your ad appears.

You’ll quickly learn what appeals to your audiences so that your ads resonate and show a positive ROI.

The main “Placement” categories are;

  1. Facebook
  2. Audience Network
  3. Instagram
  4. Messenger

Within each of these categories there’s a whole list of visibility options. (see Figure 2) For example, when you open the “Feed” option by clicking the down arrow, you’ll find these extra options.

When you un-tick the boxes your ad will not appear in those Feed locations.  The default is all the options that work with your chosen social ad goal and assets.

**Writers note:  I normally un-tick Audience Network as it’s not clear where ads are shown when using Audience Network.  Additionally, I normally un-tick Messenger because personally I find those ads annoying.  (totally up to you.)

Facebook Feed options available for a Video ad split test.

Figure 2 – Facebook Feed options available for a Video ad split test.

By clicking on each of the options found in Figure 3, you’ll see a plethora of choices for each.  By hovering over a particular choice, you’ll see an ad example that uses that option.  You’ll also see more specific details on video sizing.  (figure 3)

here's an example of how a "Instagram Stories" video ad placement will appear

Figure 3 – here’s an example of how a “Instagram Stories” video ad placement will appear

Here’s the thing, you’ll want to check out each of the placement options to see how they fit with your ad goals as well as your understanding of how your audience may interact with each.  For example, some audiences may not react well to Stories or Right Column ads.  Simply un-tick these options to get the most bang for your ad budget.  (see Figure 4 & 5)

Edit ad placements when split-testing to ensure the reach that's a good fit for your ad

Figure 4 – Edit ad placements when split-testing to ensure the reach that’s a good fit for your ad

Savvy Tip – Audience Network

Be aware – “Audience Network in-stream video ads will run before or during videos on third party apps and sites. You can also show video ads in native placements on apps and mobile websites. Publishers on Audience Network have the option to customize how an ad appears on their app or website to make it native to their property.”

more delivery options

Figure 5 – more delivery options

Chefs can use trial and error to help expand their style and presentation.  It’s the same with social marketers!  Split-testing and getting to know your audience even better will help you learn how to create social ads that get the right reactions.

What will the placement of your next ad look like?

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