How to Pivot to the Pulse of Your Social Peeps

How to pivot to the pulse

Do you know what your social fans are thinking?  Are they ready to travel again?  Do they have confidence in our industry?

Understanding the pulse of your peeps may seem like a job for the crystal ball.

But wait, there are a number of tools hiding in plain sight to help you understand the sentiment of your social fans so that you’ll know what to post.  We don’t want to mess up and appear tone deaf and risk losing clients.

Social Sentiment

Understanding the sentiment and perception of your fans will help you:

Identify trends


Pulse of Your Social Peeps

Keeping up with what appeals to your fans is an ever-changing task.  Cut to the chase by doing real-time testing in your next ad campaign.  Split-testing your Facebook and Instagram ads and using Dynamic Ad testing gives you the insight to understand what text, which video or graphic and which headline appeals to your fans.

The beauty is that you can better understand if aspirational wording appeals to your audience or if the timing is right to use some actionable wording in order to spur travel decisions.

In addition to ads, it’s also worthwhile to send out short surveys by email to get a read on where and when your clients are considering traveling next.



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Earn Traction from Trends

We all know that trends change constantly. Shifts in travel trends and consumer confidence are now easier to spot using the social analytics available right in our social channels.

Twitter trends

Don’t waste your time searching by #!  Twitter Trends are easy to find in your own account under “Explore < Trending”.  Drill down and learn what your fans are talking about now so that you can create content that is relevant with a travel slant.  For example, if virtual pot luck dinners are a trending topic, how about hosting a destination themed virtual dinner.  While not everyone wants to travel just yet, creating mouth-watering experiences is a great way to tap into wanderlust.

Pinterest Analytics

The hidden gems in your Pinterest Analytics showcase the interests of your audience with surprising clarity.  When you dial in to ‘Travel Interests’ you’ll find which regions (North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, etc) are earning the most mind share.  Getting more granular you can tease out specific boards, pins and pinners that are tops with your followers.  This opens up a playground of creativity for you.  For example, if you find that a particular destinations’ popularity far exceeds other destinations, this could be a way to begin planning your next itinerary.

Navigation:  Analytics < Interests < Travel

Figure 1 – Navigation:  Analytics < Interests < Travel

Capitalize on the analytics, metrics and insights you can pull from your own social and websites so that you can pivot as needed during tricky times.  Leverage this knowledge to pull together new tours that attract clients and feed their wanderlust.    Only by understanding the pulse of your unique audience can you find the sweet spot for your business success.

understand fan sentiment

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