How to Prepare for Your Next Live Video

How to Prepare for Your Next Live Video

So you’ve seen a live stream or two on your Facebook feed and you know what they’re all about. It’s time to get started planning a live stream of your own!

Let’s get rolling!

But…don’t jump in without checking the water first.  These tips will get you going in the right direction even before the camera starts rolling.

Before your Live Stream Video

  • Market your broadcast in advance
  • Invite pied pipers, group leaders and prospective travelers
  • Create a remarkable headline/title.
  • Check lighting and camera positioning in advance

During your Live Video Broadcast

  • It’s Live—stay in the moment.
    • State the questions you see popping up on the screen and answer them
    • Reiterate and re-introduce as viewers join in randomly
    • Add fun and value
    • If you have high retention, keep going with great content
  • Try using a tri-pod to stabilize. It will still be a bit shaky
  • Use an external microphone for better sound quality. If interviewing someone use a ‘directional’ microphone rather than an omnidirectional one.

After your Broadcast

  • Save your broadcast to your page
  • Save your broadcast to your camera roll
  • Share the replay on other social sites if relevant
  • Edit to add title, tags, captions, etc.

In addition to going live on your Facebook Page or Profile, you can go live in a Facebook Group if you’d like to limit your audience to only group members.

While Facebook is the biggest player due to their built-in audience, You-Tube, Periscope, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter also offer live streaming video (compare the options here).  As you consider which platform to use, consider your audience and their familiarity with your chosen platform.


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Go Live

Still not sure how you could use live streaming video in your own marketing?  Here are a number of ideas that you may want to adapt to your own marketing strategy.

  • Live stream from a trade show giving people a chance to chime in with questions for other attendees and suppliers
  • Live stream from a site inspection; invite your pied pipers to join in and ask questions
  • Snapshot of a ‘day on the road’ via live-stream
  • Showcase events and festivals
  • Go live on a city tour or at a new attraction
  • Shadow an employee during a normal work day to attract new employees
  • Invite people to join in your next board meeting or planning session
  • More ideas here

With the technology in your back pocket and your creativity on fire, live streaming video gives you the opportunity to enthrall and entice your viewers.  Imagine the inspiration you’ll provide for travelers and the organic reach you’ll generate.

Let the cameras roll!  What will you do for your next live-streaming broadcast?

How to Prepare for Your Next Live Video

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