How to Re-think Your Social Marketing

How to rethink your social marketing

As we ramp up for the next phase of recovery and transition to the ‘next normal’ you can be busy planning for your future social marketing success.

Don’t waste a minute!

Conquer that stalemate that caused travel to plummet by keeping your clients craving more content from you.

Tune in to this short podcast for tips to re-think your social strategy;

  • What to say now in your social posts to engage your fans
  • How to go behind the scenes and get ready to reach out to your best fans in the future
  • Ways to understand your fan sentiment so that you know when it’s the right time to start promoting travel again.

Tune in to this podcast with Barry Kantz of the Home Based Travel Agent Show

Fan Sentiment

In the podcast we talked a bit about how to get a grasp on what your fans may be feeling about future travel.

Here’s where you’ll find the information you’ll need to better understand the sentiment of your Pinterest fans.

Navigate to your Pinterest business account < Analytics < Travel.

Study your Pinterest analytics for trends

Figure 1 – Study your Pinterest analytics for trends

This information is helpful to better understand the travel aspirations of your followers.  I learned that my followers are more interested in European destinations than in North American destinations.  If this is the case for your followers, you may want to Pin more:

  • photos of European destinations and food
  • link to your blogs about EU countries and top cities
  • shoot and post video with EU travel tips & trends

Social Marketing Strategies for the Future

Tactics to understand social fan sentiment. 

Figure 2 – Tactics to understand social fan sentiment.  Full guide here.

Get ready for the pent-up travel demand by doing your behind the scenes homework now.  Your reward will be a clearer picture of your fans and their travel aspirations.

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