How to Renovate Your Social Presence

How to renovate your social presence


How can we keep up with all the new ways to connect with clients, inspire them to travel and then stay tip of tongue as they become our destination and attraction’s marketing brand advocates?

Social media marketing trends and technologies are constantly evolving.  Savvy marketers need to consistently re-evaluate their marketing goals and strategies.

Let’s run thru some tactics to tune-up our social marketing.

Present Social Profiles

What do your current profiles proclaim about your business?  Do they tell your up-dated story and showcase your latest and greatest attractions and tours?  Here’s some quick details to run thru:

  • Review and rejig all your company social bios and About sections to reflect company changes, product additions, staff changes and company vision updates.
  • Re-imagine your visuals; cover images, channel art, corporate videos and even website graphics
  • Ensure you’re using all the available sections and tabs on your social sites that relate to your business.
    • Is your Facebook ‘Products’ section up to date?
    • Have you added ‘Services’ to your Facebook page?
    • Are the ‘Showcase’ pages complete on your company LinkedIn page?
      • Do you have a Company page on LinkedIn?
    • Have you updated your You-Tube ‘Playlists’?
    • Is the correct Instagram business category selected?
    • Do you have ‘Featured’ boards set up on Pinterest?
      • Do you have a business profile on Pinterest?
    • Have you included # in your Instagram & Twitter bios?
    • Do you use video in your profile cover images?
    • When is the last time you updated your social ad audiences?


Survey Success

Trends change as fast as the seasons!  Are you keeping up with your fans as they vacillate between social platforms?  One day everyone loves Instagram, the next day it’s TikTok!  How about sending out a quick 3 or 4 question survey to better understand where your clients spend their time.  Check out Survey Monkey for an easy (free) tool that has great analytics.

Armed with the knowledge you’ll glean from the survey, you’ll be prepared to update your social strategy to enthrall your fans in places they hang out socially.

Analyze Analytics

Understanding your successes and misses will help you continue to put out social content that hits the mark with your fans and followers.  Don’t miss these;

  • Check out the available measuring tools in each social platform you use.
  • Consider a deeper dive with 3rd party analytics tools for your social sites.
  • Facebook Audience Insights is a powerful tool that many savvy marketers miss. As you better understand your ad audiences you’ll be able to create more appealing ads that convert.
  • Don’t miss out on the interests of your Pinterest fans.
  • Use your Google Analytics social tools to understand the navigation path of social to web visitors.
  • Become a super-sleuth by checking out the current ads of others in our industry. Yep, this is now possible and here’s the navigation:  start by navigating to a company page that you’d like to investigate < Page Transparency (on the right side of the business page) < See More < Go to Ad Library < then filter as needed.
Ad Transparency

Figure 1 – navigate to a page and click Page Transparency

Use Ad Library for current ads from the company

Figure 2 – go to the Ad Library to see current ads from this company

Study the graphics and strategy

Figure 3 – Study the graphics and strategy

Social marketing can be a whirlwind of algorithm updates, new trends, and changing technologies.  Stick to these easy tactics and you’ll be able to keep your travel businesses feet firmly on the ground!

Social Re-Mix

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