How to Repurpose Social Content & Save Time

How to repurpose social content

The pathway to creating content that resonates with your clients and future clients may seem a little twisty and turning.  Do you feel like time consuming blog posts and outdated graphics are lurking around every corner?

If so, there are some easy steps you can take to start creating content that your audience will love.  These 3 steps won’t consume your schedule; they’ll save you time and help you turn your prospects into leads.  Let’s jump right in.

Existing Content Audit

We all have content we’ve created over the years.  Nuggets and diamonds may be hiding in plain sight.  Start with these steps and you’ll soon realize how much great content you already have.

  1. Gather all of your content titles into a spreadsheet.
  2. Create columns for target keywords, buyer persona, buyer’s journey stage, format, date created, and main topic.
  3. Add columns for your key metrics, like page views, shares, engagement, open rates, past usage type, client feedback.
  4. Finally, categorize each post/piece of content (using highlights or another column) by those that are doing well, need improvement, could be rewritten, can be merged with another content source.  Indicate which content can be reinvented in another format as repurposed content.

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Repurposing Pathway

I’ll bet that once you study your content spreadsheet, you’ll realize that you already have a ton of great information, probably more than you realized.

Now it’s time to re-imagine how you can use this content in different formats so that you engage and enlighten.  We all know that people learn and retain information differently and a format that works for one prospect may not necessarily work for another.  By creating written, video and audio content you’ll be able to satisfy every type of content consumer.

Here’s some quick ideas to repurpose existing content into a different format:

  • Blog to audio podcast – use ‘talk to text’ tools to do this quickly
  • Article or checklist to Infographic – key points highlighted in a visual format
  • Still images to Slideshow Video – immersive, fast-paced excitement
  • Destination guide to e-book – downloadable easy to digest
  • Employee handbook to multi-media guide – explainer video, voice over or animated video
  • Printed Tour Catalog to Online Tour catalog with video embedded – voice over or live video shoot

Tools to Create Social Content

Here’s where the fun starts!  Creating or refreshing content that meets the needs of your prospects starts with the right tools to make an impact.   Here’s a chart showing the type of content savvy travel marketers create and some top tools to make it easy and effective.

Tools to Create Infographics, video slideshows & e-books

Figure 2- Tools to Create Infographics, video slideshows & e-books

Tools to Create Video, Presentation & Voice-overs

Figure 3 – Tools to Create Video, Presentation & Voice-overs

Repurposing Results

The bottom line is that creating new content doesn’t have to be a long and winding road.  Armed with your content audit these tools make it more efficient than ever to repurpose your existing information into creative, eye-catching, higher converting communication.  Nurturing prospects thru the buying cycle becomes a drive in the park!

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