How to Repurpose Your Social Content Like a Pro

Repurpose your Social Content like a Pro


Do you often find yourself scrolling through Pinterest, getting jazzed about your next DIY project?  Pinterest can lead you down a rabbit hole of re-using, recycling, repurposing and upcycling.  It’s dizzying the number of projects that can come from something as simple as an old pallet or a discarded article of clothing.

The same can be true of your social content.  For example, perhaps you have a massive album of photos or videos from your travels that can be repurposed into a slideshow or an inspiration for your next blog post.

If you have a piece of social content that you LOVE, then there is certainly a way to keep recycling and reusing it.  Here are just a few examples of how you can get even more mileage from your content.

Repurpose Live Stream Video

We’re on a roll now.  How about your latest live stream video, what can that become?

  • The basis for a blog post. Simply download the live stream and embed it into your blog
  • Post the entire live stream to your You Tube
    • Remember to add tags and a key-word heavy description to earn more eyeballs.
  • Snipped into segments each piece of your live stream can become a separate short video. Consider using each video as the creative in a video ad or a social post.  Link to the blog posts that features the full length version.
  • Download it and create a future ad or social post.
  • Prep in advance with these tips.
  • Pro Tip: Clip the video into 1 second GIF’s or meme’s.


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Video Repurposing

As long as we’re talking video, what if you have a video in your library that focuses on a destination or provides travel tips.  Let’s dive into other ways to upcycle and extend it’s shelf life:

  • Embed the video into a blog post
  • Share it socially. Remember video can be added to not only Facebook and Twitter, but Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, your LinkedIn Company page, You Tube and Google Plus.
  • Strip out the audio portion of the video and transform it into a podcast
  • Add captions and subtitles and post it socially. Facebook users are notorious for watching video without the sound.  You-Tube loves captions and subtitles and gives you more reach when you include them.
  • Include it in an e-blast or e-newsletter. (check out the video below for a quick tech how-to)
  • Use it in an upcoming ad campaign
  • Need to edit your video? Here’s some easy tools
  • Pro Tip: Include the video in an e-book.

How to Repurpose Your Podcast

Do you find yourself listening to podcasts at the gym and during your commute?  What a great way to catch up on news and your reading list.   I’ll bet your clients would love to hear your travel tips and destination stories and take a mini vacation.  Here’s how to power up your podcast potential:

  • Turn your blog into a podcast
  • Strip out the audio from your video or live stream and add it to your podcast channel
  • Read your e-book and turn it into a podcast
  • Pro Tip: Convert your podcast into a lead magnet.

Reusing an Infographic

Did you know that the human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text.  Since most people are visual learners, infographics hit the mark!  Creating an infographic is just the start of a remarkable re-purposing path that includes:

  • Post your infographic to SlideShare and connect with an entirely new audience
  • Embed your infographic into your blog or website
  • Post to Pinterest
  • Use it as a lead magnet. Grow your email list by giving it away in exchange for contact info.
  • Pro Tip: Innovative infographics are perfect lead magnets

No matter what name you call it, when you embrace recycling, upcycling and repurposing you’ll find your content has a longer shelf life and meets the needs of a wider audience of your fans and followers.

Go ahead, get into this upcycling trend and watch your content creation take off!

Got Great Content?  Now what?

Here’s an overview of what your own unique content can become when you Upcycle and Recycle!

How to repurpose content

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