How to Resize Images for Your Social Posts

How to resize images

How many times do you see images on your social feed that miss the mark because they’re too small?

Miss the mark

Here’s an easy way to resize your own images to maximize their impact and your social engagement.

Facebook Sizing

Currently Facebook image sizing is as follows.  (Source)

I’ve been having great success with Shared Image sizing of 1200×1200 pixels.   This large square meets the 1:1 ratio and when uploaded as a .png image it renders crisp and clear.

FB image pix sizes (1)

Figure 1 – Facebook image sizing guide

Are you using Notes on Facebook?  A note’s recommended cover photo dimensions are 1200 pixels (width) by 445 pixels (height). If you upload a smaller photo, it’ll stretch to this size and appear blurry.

Twitter Sizing

Currently Twitter sizing is as follows.  (Source)

Twitter image pix sizes (1)

Figure 2- Twitter image sizing guide

Other image sizing available here.

How to Re-size Your Images

Here’s an easy way to re-size your own images to be certain they generate the most eyeballs and social sharing:

Resizing Tips 

Tip #1 – Proportions matter

Make sure that the proportions are right in your newly resized image.  We don’t want the shapes or letters to appear too elongated or out of ‘whack’.  (Yep, a techy-term.)

Tip #2 – Licensing and Rights to Use

Do you have the license to use and/or edit the image?  Check out the licensing agreement on all photos you use.  Please DO NOT capture images from an internet search.  Do NOT simply do a Google search for images.  Use a reputable site to purchase images or check out some reputable free image sites and comply with their regulations.  Give photo credit when required.  Here are some sources to check out.  And more image sources here.

As a travel professional, check with your top suppliers to understand their photo licensing agreements and rights.

Tip #3 – Test your images

Testing your images is simple.  You can post them onto the social site you want to use and change the viewership of that post.  Remember, you can change the view from ‘Public’ to ‘Only Me’ on your personal Facebook profile. On your business page you can save the post as a ‘Draft’ and examine it in the ‘Drafts’ section without anyone else ever seeing it.  Once you’re happy with your newly sized image, then change it to the Public view.

Here’s another handy sizing guide.

LinkedIn picture sizes

Figure 3- LinkedIn Pulse header image is 700 x 400 pixels.

Whether you’re sharing your images or creating appealing cover images you can easily design like a pro and showcase your travel expertise.


Written in cooperation with Ruby Murphy

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