How to Spread Awareness of your Social Presence

Think about all those cards, connections and cool people you met at the last industry event.  Keeping up with these connections  is key to spreading the word of your social presence.

Integrating print & social

As you’re preparing for the next trade-only event, how about announcing your social involvement in the printed materials you produce.  Showing the icons and your social addresses lets your suppliers, colleagues and trade clientele know you’re in the conversation.  Industry pros are also teasing, tempting and tweeting pre-show news, trivia and appointment information.

Advanced Tip: How about creating a QR (Quick Response) code with exclusive pre-show information or an invitation.  This QR code can be e-mailed, direct mailed or inserted into a blog post for the trade.  Have you ever considered posting a QR code at your booth so that you can introduce other attendees to your offerings in a creative way? ( Here’s a reader so that you can see what appears on this QR code)

Check out this QR code for more resources

Check out this QR code for more resources

Calendarize it!

Mark it in on your to-do list; put the effort forth to make one small change. Add one of these marketing elements to your next event and begin to reap the rewards.

Remember, staying current in this ever changing world of social media marketing is essential to your business.

How do you spread the word of your social presence within our industry?

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