How to Use Photos to Transform Your Brand on Facebook—3 Tips for Travel Pros

How to use photos to transform your brand

Want clients to have all their eyes on you? Keep yourself and your brand visible online by using visuals socially.

You’ve already got some great snaps to share with the world and now it’s time to put these photos to work for you!

Facebook Photos for Travel Pros

Did you know: the vast majority of content published on Facebook is visual. Make your photos and videos stand out by using some of these creative techniques.

Hotels: post photos in a way that appeals to clients’ experiences. Imagine creative food photos, new staff photos, top guest photos.  Give people a glimpse of the back of the house!  Caption a photo of a room or a pool with a common experience in that area and ask for “likes” and “shares” in order to drive engagement.

Destinations: use photos as a method of updating clients on the status of your area: accommodations accepting bookings, weather, events, new attractions, etc. Set a day of the week to post such photo updates so that clients become familiar with the posting and are able to consistently engage with it. You may want to get creative with naming these days of the week; Museum Monday, Foodie Friday or Thursday Treats.

Travel pros: take advantage of the new ability to use video in your Facebook Page Cover Photo. Use a video that depicts your specialty or niche.  Then add a call to action in the accompanying cover image description!

Here’s some examples from our industry:

Figure 1 – Great use of video cover image

Figure 2 – Great way to showcase an upcoming event

How will you update your Facebook cover photo?

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