How to use Questions on your Facebook Page

Facebook Questions

Facebook Questions

The “Questions” feature on your Facebook page is a secret tool to easily and quickly add a customized question directly to your page.

You’ll find this feature on the Share bar on the top of your Wall.

I find this underused tool generates more attention because the photos of your respondents appear beside their answers.

Question Strategy

When you leverage this tool to learn from your clients you’ll better understand their interests and upcoming travel dreams.  You may ask them questions like:

  1. What’s your favorite city to visit?
  2. What you’re favorite beach?
  3. Which would you rather do on vacation…lay by the pool, visit an ancient historical site, hike, learn about a unique culture, take classes in cooking or wine tasting.
  4. If you could be on vacation tomorrow, where would you go?

Consider seeding your answers and including YOUR top selling destinations or upcoming group departures. Then follow up this question with posts on the destinations or activities that are most appealing to your audience.

For industry examples of contests, polls and landing pages, click here

Think about the potential!  Tour Operators can ask what destinations clients would like to visit.  Hotels could have guests vote on a new color scheme.  Attractions could test out interest in a new feature.  Travel agents can poll clients to learn what they’d like to buy!

I challenge you to start engaging your fans now. Start with the warm welcome of a landing page, entice them with a contest and discover their desires through polls.

What questions have you asked your clients recently?  Which questions do you need to ask?

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